How Magnetic Packaging is used for save Jewelry Products

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Custom magnetic boxes are the packaging choice of many businesses that are quality conscious. These packages are made up of sturdy cardboard stock that protects the items from many harmful elements like temperature, dust, chemicals, etc. They also provide moisture resistance when laminated with a vinyl sheet. They have magnets on the lid and the base that are used to open and close the packaging. Modern technology allows packaging manufacturers to make them in different shapes and sizes. They can be printed with branding and product information. A die-cut window can enhance their appearance. Custom magnetic boxes have plenty of benefits that are the reasons why they have become popular. Product safety is one of them. Especially, they provide safety to the jewelry items in many ways. Let us have a look at the following ways that will show you how do they protect jewelry products.

Safety during shipment

Jewelry items are very delicate and can break with a small impact. Most of these items are damaged during transportation. The custom magnetic closure boxes are an excellent solution to this problem. They are manufactured with sturdy materials that do not get them affected by the impacts during shipment. The magnets keep the packaging closed very firmly, so the products do not fall out of it. It is temperature resistant and does not let harmful elements like dust, chemicals, moisture penetrate the package that can damage the quality of the products. They can also be manufactured with cardboard inserts to keep multiple items in the same package. Due to this, businesses can stop the products in one packaging to strike against one another.

Protection in inventory

Magnetic packaging is not just good for shipping purposes. They are used to save the jewelry when it is in the inventory of the business. These packages are made up of rigid cardboard. So, they can be stacked on one another, and the packages do not get damaged due to the stacking. In this way, they provide safety in the warehouse. Moreover, they are an effective way of organizing the products in the inventory as they can be printed with batch and product numbers. 

Safeguard on the retail shelves

Flip top boxes with magnetic catch are amazingly used to protect the jewelry items on the retail shelves. This is because they can be opened quickly to show the products to the customers. Unlike the other packages that are a bit difficult to open, and impacts of opening them regularly can damage the delicate items. They also provide easiness in organizing them in the racks or the shelves of the retailer.

Easily openable and closable

Many customers visit jewelers daily, and a jewelry box is opened multiple times in a day. The magnetic boxes provide easiness in opening and closing them in Infront of the customers. This is because of the magnets that are an excellent way of sealing the package and can be opened when needed. The customers become happy due to the variety a retailer can show in a quick time. This is one of the exciting ways of using them for the protection of the products. 

Sustainability is necessary

Custom magnetic closure boxes are made up of organic materials. That makes them biodegradable that decomposes easily under natural circumstances. These materials are safe for the items, unlike the other materials that produce toxic elements when the temperature rises. Those chemicals can harm the quality of the jewelry. This is a very important way of using them as it keeps the quality as well as protect nature.

Personalized shapes and sizes

Flip top boxes with magnetic catch can be manufactured in different shapes according to the products. Their size can also be altered according to the size and number of the jewelry items to be placed inside them. This is an excellent way of protecting the products as personalized shape and size package does not let the product get damaged. As bigger size can allow the items to strike against the walls of the packaging. If the products are more than one in the same package, they can strike against one another, causing damage. The small one can expose the precious products to external threats. 


Wondering how the cost-effectiveness of magnetic closure packaging can be a way of saving the products? This is because lower cost encourages the product manufacturers to get the packaging manufacture in higher quality. A high-quality cardboard sheet can reduce more impacts during transportation. The quality of the cardboard sheet can be regulated by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the sheet. This can incur more cost, but due to low-cost materials, businesses can afford to do so. Their cost is low due to the recycled materials used to manufacture them. Many reasons show the usefulness of the magnetic boxesThe most important one is their protection abilities. But many people don’t know how they protect the jewelry items. That is why we concluded the above-mentioned ways that show how magnetic packaging is used to protect the items.