How Long Does Tile Sealer Last?

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Once you have done tiling, sealing is the next and final step of the maintenance and protection. Sealant offers protection to tiles as well as grout. Moreover, tile sealing helps to keep the tiles shinier and maintained for a long time. On the other hand, it also reduces the cleaning efforts. 

For this, you need to apply an appropriate sealant to get the job done in a right and efficient way. besides this, apply more than one coat of sealant over the tiles to get the desired ceramic tile sealing results. 

What Is The Main Purpose Of Sealant?

It helps to prevent stains and dirt to stick onto tiles as well as grout. Moreover, it offers a great resistant against water to keep the tile free of moisture and mold. On the other hand, water is the main cause of crumbling and molding. 

Therefore, it’s necessary for the bathroom tiles, especially for the shower tiles. As we all know, grout becomes of sand and epoxy resin and absorb the water easily. This moisture is the main cause of mold and bacteria on the tiles. 

For this, you need to get the proper grout cleaning Geelong services for hygiene and healthy bathrooms. Moreover, sealant offers a long life to the tiles with better texture and consistency. 

How To Apply Sealant Properly?

Never apply the sealant until the grout has dried. For this, you need to wait for more than three days until the grout has fixed. Moreover, wait for more than six days for shower tiles. Otherwise, it can cause serious issues including tile breakage and moisture under the grout. 

Clean the tiles properly before applying the sealant. Otherwise, the dirt will adhere to the tiles and grout permanently. Try to clean the tiles regularly to prevent future damages of the grout. Apart from this, maintain and repair the grout completely before applying the sealant. 

If the bathroom is tiled mostly then apply the two coats of sealant for better output. Moreover, you can apply the additional coat also if necessary. Apply the sealant with the help of a brush or applicator and let it dry for three to four days completely. 

Before using the bathroom regularly, check a small area with water. If the water doesn’t stay on the tiles then tile sealing is efficient to use. However, if the tiles and grout are absorbing the water then apply an additional coat of sealant. 

Unfortunately, the sealant doesn’t offer lifetime protection for the tiles and grout. Therefore, there is a need to reapply it twice per year. You can also get the grout cleaning Geelong services to enhance the life and texture of tiles for better appearance. 

How Long Does Tile Sealer Last?

Choose The Sealant Type Accordingly:

Generally, there are two types of sealant, penetrating and non-penetrating sealers. So, you need to choose the one accordingly your ceramic tile sealing.  Now, let’s talk about these sealants in details:

Penetrating Sealant:

This sealant is based on the water-absorption formula and allows to penetrate water to the grout. Penetrating grout is absorbent, absorbs the sealant and prevent the moisture. That’s why penetrating grout sealant is the best choice for the bathroom and shower tiles. 

Non-Penetrating Grout Sealant:

This type of sealant creates a coat over the tiles and grout that resist water penetration. This type of tile sealing is the best choice for kitchen tiles and wall tiles. However, it’s not an appropriate option for the bathroom and shower tiles. Because non-penetrating grout doesn’t allow the evaporation underneath of tiles. 

So, this moisture is the main cause of mold and mildew. For natural stone tiles, the non-penetrating sealant is the best choice. However, if you have porcelain and ceramic tiles in the washrooms then penetrating grout is suitable for it. 

 Precautions While Applying Sealant:

It’s better to get ceramic tile sealing services from the professionals. However, if you are doing it by yourself then do it with proper precautions. While doing the sealing, wear the gloves and glasses to save the eyes and hands from interaction with it. 

Because sometimes, the sealant is based on high Ph chemicals that might be harmful to eyesight. Moreover, sealant also becomes a cause of breathing issue due to its vaporization property. So, it’s better to wear a mask while applying it.