How long does it take to learn an app development?

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As recent report by EME (Enterprise Mobility Exchange) demand for mobile app development will surpass the ratio by 5:1 at the end of this year. In simple words, for every 5 mobile application development jobs, there will be only 1 qualified developer.

Mobile application development is one of the hottest skills in market & the demand will only rise as smartphone and mobile users grow on the planet.

There are two major categories exists in mobile app development field

  1. Mobile Apps Development (the apps that are used by Enterprises or small businesses from grocery store app to amazon, linked in, Facebook apps everything)
  2. Mobile Games Development (Game of Thrones, Stranger Things,PUBG,LUDO,Fishdom,Subwaysurfers)

There are two major platforms available to host your app and generate business from

  1. Android (App is hosted on google play store, and android app development skills are required for it)
  2. iOS (App is hosted on AppStore by apple inc and iOS app development skills are required for it)

Most commonly used Android Development IDE (integrated development environments)

  1.  Android Studio
  2.  Eclipse (no longer used)
  3.  Visual Studio
  4. Intellij Idea
  5. Apache Cordova

Becoming an app developer can take you between 6 to 20 months Approx. That really depends on your work experience with computing, or if you already know at least a single programming language such as C++, C#, PHP etc. If you don’t know any programming language than it will be bit difficult for you and you will need to spend 6-12 months learning the basic of programming, such as Java/C# syntax, Loops, Conditional Statement, control statements, Classes and functions.

Let’s discuss these factors in details:

Point To Start:

As I explained above people with a basic understanding of computers or prior experience of programming language will obviously learn much faster. Keep in mind that programming skills are not the only thing you should know. You need some understanding of UX/UI design, and database as well. Remember, UI (user interface) plays an important role in the success or failure of an application, simply learning the coding skills is not well enough (except you are ready to hire the services of a professional app designer).  

Objectives & Goals?

Are you planning to release your own application or trying to become a professional mobile app developer? If you want to build & release a specific app then you can focus on specific requirements and develop a working app in a matter of months.

It’s same as web development. If you want to launch one website for your business, you can probably learn PHP or WordPress and use custom built themes to design one. However, starting to work as a website developer will demand a lot more knowledge as compared to an app.

Even if you are looking to become an expert app developer, I suggest you to start from simple apps. In this way, you can start to get small jobs as a freelancer, that will give you benefit in terms of income as well.   

Are you ready to spend more time?

Its obvious thing if you are planning to learn something it needs time. It will be fun if you enjoy while doing it. If you are just doing it for the sake of an additional skill, then you will find it difficult to put in more time.

Watching videos on YouTube related to app development is not enough. Practice makes a man perfect and going through the coding tutorials, blog posts, and discussion boards.

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How Persistent You Are?

No doubt, starting weeks will be the hardest. Patience and calm attitude is required here.

You will face a lot of challenges and problems and you must try to fix them with the help of tutorials on internet or android app development communities. Once you learn how to fix the problem you are on right track. So, take these challenges as positive opportunities.