How is desi gir cow ghee beneficial for your health?

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Ayurveda’s precious treasure, cow ghee, is really an important asset of the Indian cuisine. Not only does it taste delicious but it also carries many health benefits because of which it has been popular in Indian households for centuries now. Even back in the days of kinds and queens, cow ghee was something that was a regular art of the royal diet. You can read about the many health benefits and versatile uses of the ever-precious gir cow ghee. Even centuries later in the 21st century India, desi cow ghee has the same importance and is used by almost every Indian household in one way or another. Be it as a topping on the delicious hot biryani just served or as a final touch-up on the mouth-watering Malai kofta, desi cow ghee has the power to turn any Indian cuisine dish into something magical. Here are some of the most common health benefits of desi cow ghee:

Keeps the body warm

Winters are approaching quite soon. With October halfway gone, it is time to start preparing your body for the winter season. With a change of wardrobe, a lot of the dishes we eat in the winter season would also change. Popular dishes like gajar ka halwa, panjeer or pinni are the trademark winter desserts in India. As much as they are everyone’s favourite it should be worth remembering that all three of these desserts actually use ghee in them. As you might have already guessed the relation ghee is used in these dishes not just for its ability to enhance the natural taste of the dish but also to keep the body safe from the cold weather. It keeps the body warm and safe.

For cold and cough

Desi gir cow ghee is used in almost every Indian household as desi remedy for colds and coughs. For coughs, mothers would often serve desi ghee as a topping over brimming hot milk. It is advised that drinking ghee with hot milk can help cure your swollen tonsil and also soothe the irritated airways. For cold as well, ghee is believed to be an amazing remedy. Just like you would use a nasal drop, ghee is used to cure cold in the form nasal drops by dropping few drops of hot ghee into each of the clogged nostrils. You would instantly feel better by the use of these remedies. Rest well and you would be good to go.

Amazing source of energy

Many Punjabi households can relate with this fact. It is almost a tradition in many Indian households to serve laddus with ample amount of ghee in them. This because ghee has lauric acid which has good amount of antimicrobial and antifungal substance that are good for health. Also, it is important to note that ghee is a healthy type of fat and give kids a boost in energy while keep their health safe.

Thus, with the good old desi ghee you can enjoy the treats of Indian cuisine and also enjoy its many health benefits.