How a wedding app can keep your guest informed about your wedding postponement

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The coronavirus pandemic has made a huge impact on everyone’s daily routines and their forthcoming future plans. Weddings are no exception to this as marriages can never be the same as before, particularly due to the restrictions on the number of guests who could attend a wedding. The prohibition on large social gatherings has already made many couples defer their impending wedding to a later date. At the same time, couples do not want to delay their wedding for too long and are on the lookout for ways by which they could make their wedding happen with the intended guests either joining the event virtually or through a physical presence. It is in this context that a wedding app can be put to its best use by a couple.

Trust technology to come up with a solution for any situation and this holds true in the case of a wedding app especially in this post Covid’19 era. A wedding app is an all in one integrated platform which couples can use to share the details about their wedding to guests. Sometimes guests are unaware of the details of a postponed wedding and often wait for the couple to intimate them personally regarding the new wedding date & the type of celebrations planned. In such a scenario, sending guests real time updates about a wedding is possible if the couple have their own wedding app to manage all the guest communications and logistics.

Having an app for a wedding is often underrated and ignored by most couples because they simply do not understand its entire utility. So to shed more light on it, let’s take the examples of Vowed and Guested, the premium apps offered by Wedding Wishlist. The Vowed app helps couples to send reminders & chat with their guests, can be used to upload photos, host wedding websites & gift registries and much more. The guests will even have access to the wedding live stream if the couple has gone virtual for their postponed wedding

Secondly, the Guested app is a wedding planning app to handle guest communications and hospitality. Managing guest logistics is a key part of any wedding and the Guested app does a very good job of having all guest related information like the rooms allocated, the mode of transport arranged, RSVP compilation etc. It is not necessary that couples handle all this directly as the Guested app allows multiple organizers for specific tasks for everyone’s convenience.

Also, another question which pops up in the minds of couples is whether these apps should be downloaded from Play Store or iTunes. Vowed and Guested are progressive apps that take up minimal storage and they appear on a mobile’s home screen when a user simply opens the wedding URL shared by the couple.Therefore, millennial couples need not have any inhibitions about using a wedding app for their postponed wedding as it will only be a great value addition for one and all.