‘House Swapping’ Vacation: Is It Worth It?

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People can be crazy and creative about saving money, especially on luxuries such as international holidays with family. But if someone in your family, especially the kids, has flying anxiety, a dedicated phobia of flying online courses would be a great help. Veteran pilots and experienced flight attendants are there to answer the concerns of an anxious flyer. Also, learn proven tactics to overcome the phobia of flying before you make big plans for overseas vacations.

With this in mind, we’ve come with a modern way of family vacation, where you have to spend “Zero” money on your accommodation. Yes, you heard it, but how?

Have you watched the movie “The Holiday”? In it, Cameron Diaz, frustrated with her hectic city life in the hustles & bustles of Los Angeles, swaps her mansion with a stranger, Kate Winslet — who lives in a tiny cottage in the UK — to connect with nature. Isn’t that incredible?

The concept is known as House Swapping, when you mutually exchange your property with someone else’s at your desired holiday destination simultaneously, with no monetary considerations. Below, we enlist the most prevalent pros of house swapping.


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As stated earlier, you don’t have to pay a dime for your accommodation in a foreign land, if you opt for a home swapping vacation. The only cost associated with house exchange is the membership fee of a swapping platform where you can list your property and connect with other swappers across the globe. The fees are quite reasonable — approx 50-$100 per year — nothing compared to what you’ll spend for a hotel room in an eminent tourist destination like Paris — approx 100-$200 per night.

Another way you can save is if you go with a house swap vacation, is that the lady of the house gets an entire cooking room to prepare healthy and delicious meals, so you and your family don’t have to dine out all three meals every day. This way you’ll end up saving a tremendous amount of money on your next vacation with kids.

Live Like a Local

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Staying in someone else’s house with all the day-to-day amenities — as there are toys for your kids to play with, DVD for a romantic movie date with your lady, and books to read — is much more comfortable than a hotel room. You may get some of the amenities in a hotel room, but only if you are ready to burn a hole in your pocket. Also, what you don’t get in a hotel stay is a  room for your children, so you can spend some quality time with your lady.

You’ll sense you belong to the local community, as you shop at the local grocery mart to buy veggies and fruits, connect with the neighbours, and discover more about their cultures and traditions. Your kid too won’t find it challenging to make new friends in the region.

Travel Light

Family vacations are synonymous with big suitcases, sheets, clothes, relocation, and the amenities available in the hotel rooms often don’t suit the family needs. Those days are a thing of the past, with house swapping.

You can easily join a credible home swapping website, and then browse an array of options for fully-equipped homes with all the stuff you require, right from cooking essentials to sheets.

So, in a nutshell, you have the freedom to pack light and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Let’s Wrap Up

House swapping is a money-saving alternative to a hotel room that provides greater comfort and convenience during your stay. The ball is now in your court to decide whether it is worth a consideration or not.