Hiking in America: The Ultimate American Adventure Tour

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There is usually a set pattern of vacationing in the United States, where most people like to travel to popular cities like New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, etc. The cities of the United States are truly captivating and offer so much to see and do. However, if you want to escape the modernity of the city and immerse yourself in the midst of nature, the USA offers plenty of hiking trails that pass through national parks and reserves. If you also want to go hiking in the US then book your flight quickly through JetBlue Reservations.

The USA has over 200,000 miles of hiking trails and the American Hiking Society strives to create new hiking trails every year during National Trails Day. The most attractive thing about hiking in the United States is that some trails cut across states and even neighboring countries. If you are planning an American adventure tour, taking a walk on at least one of the trails below is like seeing and appreciating the American wilderness.

Bright Angel TrailThis one is located in the Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona. The Bright Angel Trail spans 12 miles and can lead to exhaustion not only due to steep but also due to hot weather. However, the scene of the popular landscape that you see during your hike is breathtaking, making all efforts worthwhile. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey.

John Muir trail

Covering 210 miles, a hiker takes about three weeks to complete the entire expedition. While you have to plan a lot for your rent in terms of food, water, and shelter (tents are required), it is worthwhile if there is something out in the wild that captivates you in the form of gorgeous landscapes, sparkling streams and serene surroundings await you. are doing. This trail.

Upper Yosemite Falls

If you want to admire Yosemite Falls, the highest waterfall in North America, then this path is something you want to hike on. Covering 3.5 miles, you have to climb 2700 feet on this route. The hike is difficult and challenging but the view of the waterfalls and surrounding areas is totally worth it.

Greenstone Ridge Trail

This is a unique trail, as it exists on a separate island in Lake Superior, Michigan. Located inside Isle Royal National Park, the Greenstone Ridge Trail spans 40 miles and is a scenic spot. Before you start your trek, you have to take a ferry from the mainland and this in itself will make this hiking interesting. But more than that, hiking on the road gives you a chance to see some of the national park wildlife like wolves, moose, deer, etc.

Pre price trail

Acadia National Park in Maine offers a 1.6 mile (round trip) hiking route. On the other hand, the steep footpath takes you 1000 feet up the Champlain mountain and you have to prepare for some hard hiking and climbing. However, once you reach the top, you will be able to see the ocean view.

Kalalau Trail

Located in Kauai Island, Hawaii, the Kalalau Trail is 11 miles and is a scenic one at that. During your hike, you will come across tropical forests, cliffs, secluded beaches, etc. However, the main attraction of the entire trek is the secret beach at the end of the trail, which is perfect for camping. Kalalou beach is very beautiful and as many people do not know about it, you can enjoy the beauty of sand and surf without any kind of interruption. Wouldn’t this be the right way for you to enjoy a romantic date with your partner?

Ice Age Trail

The Ice Age Trail is found in Wisconsin, which is believed to have thousands of feet of snow before it retreats. Today, hiking on the trail will give you a chance to see the characteristics of many glaciers, including lakes, kettles, pots, rocks, etc. The best thing is that you are probably walking on the same path that was used by Mammoth. The trail stretches over 1200 miles and covers state parks, forests, country roads, etc. The trail has several walk-in camps and overnight shelters if you experience camping.

Grinnell Glacier Trail

The footpath is a round trip of 11 km and walking here is like a walk. The best time to visit this trail is during the summer months (between July to September) when the weather is pleasant and the landscape is most beautiful. Quickly book your flight tickets from JetBlue Airlines Reservations.

Pacific Crest Trail

One of the ultimate places that you will find in the United States is the Pacific Crest Trail. The trail is 2663 miles and runs along California, Oregon, and Washington. While the trail is on the bucket list of every serious traveler, the film became quite popular due to Wilde, starring Reece Witherspoon, who shares the experiences of writer Cheryl Strayed. It can take anywhere between 4-6 months to cover a certain length and people take about 6-8 months to prepare for the trip. However, only fewer than 200 people complete the journey each year. But if you are a hiker enthusiast, this is a trail you must try.

Continental divide trail

If you are looking for a long hiatus in the wilderness, the Continental Drive Trail is one of the best-hiking destinations in the USA. Covering five states: New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, the trail is 3100 miles long and takes about 6 months to complete. The trail gives you a chance to admire mountain views and lots of forests. 

While these are some of the popular hiking trails in the United States, the list does no justice, as the number of hiking trails in the US is endless. If you are not an American citizen, but still want to take a hiking trip to the country, then you must meet all US tourist visa requirements.