Here’s Everything To Know About Different Coffee Roasts

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Coffee is a famous beverage around the globe. People have been consuming this drink for so many years. This dark-colored beverage is bitter and has caffeine. People use sugar, milk, or cream to decrease the bitter taste and add some flavor. You can have cake or doughnuts with a cup of coffee. 

But there is a long process through which coffee is prepared. We get the brewed coffee from the roasted coffee beans. In this article, we will talk about different coffee roasts and the common types of coffee beans. So keep reading to check details about coffee roasts:

About Coffee Roasts

Roasting is a much crucial process in preparing coffee. But before roasting, we have to get the raw coffee beans from the coffee plant. After that, we get the essential ingredient that is green coffee beans. We have to roast these coffee beans and transform them into roasted coffee products. Due to the roasting process, we get the aroma and flavor in coffee. 

So, plenty of coffee is roasted commercially on a large scale globally. While roasting coffee beans, you have to take care of the time. Coffee roasting is a process that blends science and art. For a person, it takes training to become an expert roaster.

What Is The Most Common Type Of Coffee Bean For Roasting?

Picking the correct coffee beans is much crucial for you. All the coffee beans provide different flavors. There are plenty of coffee beans available around the world. The most popular coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta. These coffee species are produced and sold around the world. Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are perfect for the roasting process. 

The coffee made from Arabica beans is aromatic and provides a mild and deep taste to the consumer. On the other hand, coffee made from Robusta beans is strong and bitter. Robusta beans have double the stimulant than Arabica beans.

Process Of Coffee Roasting 

It is much vital to roast green coffee beans before the grinding and brewing process. For roasting, you can use a pan, oven, or coffee roaster machine. Below, you can check the method of roasting through a coffee roaster:

  1. Get the best quality green coffee beans uniform in size and color.
  2. Now, you have to on the coffee roaster machine and add the beans. You have to take care of the first and second cracks of the beans. 
  3. You can pull the beans out once they are dark in color. 
  4. Now, leave the beans to cool for some hours. The coffee roasting process is now complete. 

Check Different Coffee Roasts

There are four types of coffee roasts. The time of the roasting process influences various things like the flavor of coffee. Keep reading to know more about the coffee roasts:

  • Light Coffee Roasts

In this method, coffee beans are roasted for less time. Lightly roasted beans do not have oils on them. So, in light coffee roasts, the beans will have the most caffeine. 

  • Medium Coffee Roasts

Americans mostly prefer medium roasting of the coffee beans. The medium roasted beans have more body and less acidity than the light coffee roasts. You will get balanced flavors in the medium roasted coffee beans.

  • Medium-Dark Roasts

Medium-dark roasts happen after the second crack of the coffee beans. Because of the high temperature, you can find oil in the medium-dark roasted beans. It is full of flavor and does not have much acidity.

  • Dark Roasts

Dark roasts have sweeter flavors and visible oils. The dark-roasted coffee beans have less acidity and caffeine.