Have You Ever Felt Curious About Summer Tyres In Basingstoke? Click Here To Know!

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Summer’s almost here. Have you checked your tyres? During summer days, the weather grows warmer and skies are clear, which makes for some ideal driving conditions.

However, it makes sense to get your car ready for the upcoming season. The only thing left to do is to get the right summer tyres for your vehicle. 

Above all, the right tyre determines how effortlessly your car can be handled on the road. When choosing between tyres, summer tyres Basingstoke are the best for the summer season. They help to maintain a firm grip in wet and dry conditions. Even in hot weather, they give an all-round performance.

How to identify summer tyres?

Perfect for high-performance vehicles, summer tyres are designed for optimal performance in summer conditions. The tread pattern of summer tyres has fewer grooves, perfectly designed to allow maximum road-holding grip. 

 In summer tyres, tread compounds are specifically designed to remain more flexible and allow for better friction or grip. Tyre width and other design features make summer tyres capable of increasing performance in wet and dry conditions. Masterfully, they also handle and grip well on dry and wet roads.

Pros of summer tyres:

  • The tread pattern of summer tyres has less groovings, which offers better grip. Also, they put more rubber in contact with the road. Approximately 30% of the tread consists of grooves.
  • Better performance in wet driving conditions.
  • Increased cornering, and braking capabilities
  • The outline is rounded which ensures low rolling resistance and high grip in summers.

Cons of summer tyres:

  • Use of summer tyres in winters is dangerous.
  • It has a shorter lifespan which typically varies between 35,000 to 40,000 miles

Summer tyres size

A wider range of summer-tyres sizes is available. Before ordering a set of summer tyres, check the appropriate size for your car. 

 From the right tyre type, to the correct tyre size, you would want to ensure everything before you hit the road. If not, you are putting your safety at risk. However, if you want quality tyres at reasonable prices for your car, go for summer tyres.

Why choose summer tyres? 

Summer tyres respond well therefore, they make steering quick and accurate, primarily during hard cornering. They are less efficient on snow. Summer tyres are prone to cracking. 

The true benefit of summer tyres is evident when the temperature rises above 7 -degree Celsius. 

In a moderate climate, cheap tyres provide the shortest stopping distance at the time of braking. Summer tyres have harder rubber compounds, which help you to tackle twist, turns and other barriers. 

At last, summer tyres cause optimum traction. Thus, acceleration is faster and also improves fuel economy. Summer tyres are the perfect fit for every car and give a sporty performance.

Summer tyres are safe, economical and comfortable. They combine the quality of longevity and affordability. 

Many new summer tyres characterise the advanced Shark Skin Technology for maximum aquaplaning safety.