December 1, 2020

Great Job Promotion Gift Ideas for colleague

Great Job Promotion

Great Job Promotion

Our colleagues are our best friends throughout the daily 8 hours of work and hustle. We rant to them when our boss gives us more work, or we plan a little lunch party with them, and more. The relationship that we have with our colleague is special, especially if we become friends with them.

That is why when one of our colleagues gets promoted, we are excited to make this occasion memorable. One of the best ways to do that is to give them a gift which is worthy not only of the occasion but also of the person who you are gifting a particular item to.

In this blog, we will explore a few gift ideas for giving your colleague congratulating them for their promotion.

1.      A customized trophy

When a person lands a promotion, it doesn’t happen without hard-work and investing a lot of time. So, as a gift, you can give them a personalized trophy worthy of their accomplishment. You can get a golden or silver trophy and customize it according to their name and new designation.

2.      A gift basket

If your colleague has been promoted to a higher-up position like a junior executive, a Jr. executive gift basket from BroBasket is the perfect gift for him/her. It has all the right things, like a cigar, a bottle of johnny walker black label, and chocolate, and other premium things. Moreover, you can send a customized gift card with it as well conveying your hearty wishes for them.

3.      Premium flowers

If you are unable to find something that speaks to the celebrant or maybe you guys are not that close, sending flowers as a token of your wishes is never a bad idea. But yes, don’t send the regular roses and all. Make sure you give them a bouquet of premium flowers like daisies or tulips and so on.

4.      A laptop bag

If their job requires them to carry their laptop a lot to deliver immediate records or so on, a high-functioning laptop bag is a great idea. There are quite many superior laptop bags with charging cases, which are water resistant with other features that will make for a splendid job promotion congratulatory gift.

5.      A memory photo-frame

Your colleague has spent so many years working with the team and hustling hard to get ahead in their career. Along the way, they must have made memorable memories. If you or other people have photos of these memories, make a photo-collage out of it, or you can create a poster using these images with the help of Canva poster maker.

It will be a great gift as they start a new chapter in their professional life.

6.      A makeup kit

A women colleague with a new designation to honour now will love this gift. It never hurts to look more presentable and sophisticated, especially when you are joining a new position or team. Makeup can boost our confidence, and if your colleague is a makeup lover, this gift is not only a good choice but also a logical one.

There are many companies, and you can choose the one whose makeup products your work-partner uses a lot.

7.      Scented candles

A pack of scented candles is an appealing gift idea for your colleague. With a new position, more responsibilities will come, which will require more time and sweat. So, after a tiring day, bathing or relaxing with a few scented candles burning is an ideal end to the day.

Your colleague will love you for this gift. It is practical and usable, which makes it even better.

8.      Personalized mug

Buy your colleague a personalized bone china mug. It can have a quote that they often used or an inspirational quote like, ‘She believed she could, and she did’. They can use it every day when they are in the office for their daily caffeine or tea fix. Another perfect example of a usable gift.

9.      A coffee machine

If your colleague loves coffee and is always saying how having one will make their life easier, this is a great gift. It will make coming into the office faster in the morning. This type of gift is best when lots of people are combining their finances together.

The best gifts are those which are usable, logical, and beautiful. Try to find the things that your colleague wants or can have use for.