Great Entrepreneurs and Their Contribution to the Economy

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Russia is a great economy and the recent economic policies that the government has been implementing have been accelerating its growth. As a result, the country has seen the emergence of great entrepreneurs like Alexei Beltyukov. Alexei is an investor whose expertise is widely recognized in Russia and Europe as a whole.

He is well respected for his academic background and his touch of professionalism. He is an MBA holder from the ISEAD and also a member of the team of advisors serving in the Russian Ministry of Economy. Alexei is also a trained medical doctor apart from his business acumen.

Being a renowned entrepreneur, he is the founder and manager of a number of enterprises including A-venture Ltd. His investments have been careful protracted to touch on every industry and this diversification has enable the great entrepreneur to absorb most of the economic and financial constraints.

He understands the need to diversify and to have business ventures spread all over in every industry as it the new current business trend for most investors. His ventures are in the energy sector with his New Gas Technologies Company, car repair business under his Mechanicus business, and capital management which is handled by his A-Ventures Management Company.

He has many other business engagements apart from the above mentioned and his services as a business guru are far much beyond serving his own interest. His selfless attitude towards life has been a major advantage that has raised his popularity as an ethical business man.

Owing to this, Alexei has had the chance to be a board member of several organizations. He has served as a CEO of the Renova Group where he later became a board member. He also has served as the vice president of the Brunswick which is a Russian based investment company.

Apparently the great entrepreneur of all time was once in the medical profession where he was doing very well. As a trained medical professional, his career was on the upward scale and his future as a medic was looking very promising.

Nonetheless, his passion for business led him to a different path where today he is proud to have accepted the change of life course. Taking on business as his preferred career choice played out well for him and he also tried to include his skills to his former profession. He has been very instrumental in helping private hospitals in their business part of operations. He is a well-respected financial and business advisor.

Alexia is an entrepreneur who understands the need to give back to the community. Having been a beneficiary of a scholarship program, he has devoted some of his resources to do the same to younger generations who cannot afford an education. He is an ardent advocator of academic excellence and his efforts to support the same is seen through his financial commitment to support students in colleges. He is a very active member of several philanthropic groups that support the poor students and one of these groups is made up of his former classmates.