Get Permanent Residency With Employer Sponsored Provisional Visa 494

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Australia witnesses the influx of visitors through several of its visa programs. These people come to Australia to study, work, spend holidays and so on. Some of them leave the country right after their purposes are served while others fall for it. That is the reason they want to secure a Permanent Residency in Australia through their existent visa. If you are also one of them, then, you should apply for the 494 visa Australia right now. 

A brief introduction to the 494 visa

The 494 visa has been launched recently in November, 2019. This visa was designed as a substitute to the 187 (Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme) visa. The 494 visa allows you to live, study and work in regional Australia for the next 5 years. You can travel to and from Australia as many times as you want within this period of 5 years. Besides, eligible visa holders are also entitled to the Australian Medicare until their 494 visa remains valid. 

A Pathway to Permanent Residency

Apart from some of the advantages stated above, the 494 visa also paves your way for Permanent Residency. The fact is you won’t be able to secure a permanent residency directly through the 494 visa. Instead, you will have to stay in regional Australia and work in a skilled position over there for 3 years. This will make you eligible to get a permanent residency by applying for a relevant visa stream. 

Eligibility Criteria

So, hopefully you are all set and ready to apply for the 494 visa. To do that effectively, you must meet some of the 494 visa Requirements in the proper and expected way. 

  • Make sure you are between 18 to 44 years old. 
  • You should also meet all the relevant health and character requirements. 
  • You should be the holder of a valid skills assessment pertinent to your nominated occupation.
  • To become eligible, you must also have a minimum work experience of 3 years in your nominated occupation. 
  • You should also have a reasonable knowledge in English. To prove this, you must qualify in a substantial English language test by obtaining the desired score. 

Remember, that each of your dependent family members who are above 18 years must also have a minimum knowledge in English. 

It’s time to find a job 

So, after meeting all the eligibility criteria of the visa subclass 494, you should now start looking for a job. That apart, ascertain that your forthcoming employer is the holder of a valid Australian labour agreement. If your employer doesn’t have an Australian labour agreement, then, he/she should apply for the same immediately. More importantly, your employer should be willing to pay you a salary of $53,900 and not less than that. 

What’s next?

The reason is this is the minimum salary rate comprising the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold of Australia. On top of all, your employer must belong to any of the regional areas of Australia away from its main cities. As soon as your job application gets approved, it’s time that you apply four visa 494 now. 

How to apply for the 494 visa? 

Well, applying for the visa subclass 494 is quite easy and simple. You just need to create an account at the authentic immigration site of Australia. After this, you must adhere to each of the instructions given over there one after the other. Remember, you will have to apply for your 494 visa together with your employer who is your sponsor as well. 

Time to submit the essential documents

Some of the essential documents which you must submit to apply for your 494 visa can be considered below. 

  • A valid health certificate 
  • Documents that prove all your academic qualifications, employer certifications and the necessary skills and knowledge concerning your nominated position. You should provide these documents only when you haven’t sat for the skills assessment test. 
  • Is your partner accompanying you? Then, provide all the necessary documents which prove his/her identity, character and de facto/marital relationship with you. 
  • Credentials which substantiate your change of name in case there is any.  
  • Are you bringing some of your family members as well? If you say yes, then you must show the essential documents pertaining to each of them. These include their separate birth certificates, character documents and copies of passport. 
  • Substantial evidence that proves that you possess a reasonable knowledge in the English language. 
  • Important documents which prove the outcome of your skills assessment test. 
  • Credentials which are convincing enough to prove that you are a person of a good character. So, you must present a police certificate from all those countries where you stayed for 1 year or more. 

So, after you have gathered all these documents given above, submit each of them digitally back to back. Remember, there are two possible reasons for which your visa application may get cancelled. The first one includes inadequate or incorrect submission of documents. The second reason is if you fail to prove that you are involved into a marital/ de facto relationship. 

The processing times of the 49 visa 

The applications of the Employer Sponsored Provisional visa subclass 494 are assessed on a first come first serve basis. So, the definite processing times can vary reasonably, depending on the individual circumstances of each applicant. 

Time to acquire your Permanent Residency in Australia

So, hopefully you have obtained your 494 visa successfully. If you say yes, then, it’s time for you to procure your permanent residency in Australia. Want to know how? To do that, you must contact the best Visa Consultant Perth right now. Without any doubt, your Migration Agent will recommend you to apply for the 191 visa. The Subclass 191 Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa is the easiest means to get an Australian permanent residency. 

What’s more? 

To apply for this visa, the best immigration agent Perth will ask you to utilise your visa 494 effectively. He/she will tell you to live and work in regional Australia on the 494 visa continuously for 3 years. Apart from this you must also meet a few income criteria properly. This will lead you to apply for the 191 visa and attain your PR in Australia successfully.