Get knowledge about buying watches for women and girls

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Watches in this era is not only for essential purpose but it is also enhances the entire attire of a women. Previously,  we have seen women wore small dial watches but presently women prefer to buy big dial watches. If you have to buy something special for your wife, sister, mother then buy women watch for them. But the market is overwhelmed with both good quality of watches and low priced imitation watches copying the branded ones. Therefore before buying watches please verify that they are original ones or not. You can do online shopping but in that case you must buy from authentic brands. 

Criterion of buying and wearing watches 

  •  Most of the watches consists of a metal watch case so that it safeguards the inside hardware of the watch. It is observed that stainless steel is famous in the market as it acts as the watch case which protects the inside. In order to have a elegant and dignified look please buy rose gold or silver watches. If you are a sports person or you love to wear sports watch then in this case proper functionality is very much required. This kind of sport watch is made up of rubber which comes in various colours. In case of sports watch you can opt for black colour because it will match with any sportswear. 
  • There are various kinds of watches and one must buy it according to their life style  and wardrobe choices. For example there are casual watches which have a broad dial with leather straps which is used for casual wear everyday. But nowadays women prefers silver straps for daily wear. In case of any special occasion , please wear decorated watches where the straps stand out like a bracelet. Again for trekking, traveling as well as for playing sports use a sports watch made up of rubber and digital interface with a timer. 
  • The third point is the crystal of the watch determines the durability of the watch , the crystal comprises of sapphire, mineral ,plexiglass or plastic. If the quality of the crystal is not good then the quality of the watch will got lessen ,hence buy watches according to the crystal cover made up of mineral glass and sapphire crystal.
  • In present day, there are different movements of watches like mechanical, quartz  or automatic. In the fifties woman are more fond of mechanical watches, whereas presently women have fascination over quartz watches. Again women those who are energetic, adventurous have interest in automatic watches which are basically the automatic watches but this type of watches are quite expensive. 
  • Nowadays people prefer online shopping from clothes to accessories , grocery items, electronic things, baby products, cosmetics and many, so you in case you are buying watches you can opt for online shopping for women and there are many renowned brand for watches which also have a online site . Some of these brands contain  very much unique for online shopping watch girl ,the brand has products for all ages and you can also avail men watches from here. 

Facts on analog watches 

In the watch market there are various well known brands which consists of automatic watch, dress watch, digital watch,mechanical watch, analog watch, quartz watch, luxury watch ,chronograph watch and pilot watch. Some high quality of online brands such as Lagado is specialized with with analog watches with varying broadness in dial. Analog and quartz watches have a tempo of 33mm with different colors of the dial and the straps. These type of watches are water resistant and each watch is delivered with three kinds of straps, so that one can wear by contrast. Generally the analog type watches are  silver ,gold, navy blue and black  in colours .

Importance of watches

  • Today many things have been replaced by mobile for example calendar, calculator, alarm clock, letters and many others. You can see the time from the phone but wearing a wrist watch is much more convenient for a woman or a girl and it doesn’t make any variation on the fact that whether she can be a homemaker, a corporate lady or a college going girl. A homemaker has to be on the toe because she has to organize and look after various things of the family like she has to go to market for buying vegetables, fruits and also have to pick up children from the school .Every work has time bound, so in order to maintain that a wrist watch is very much important. Again when a woman works in a multinational cooperation she has to be aware of every minute so that the work is completed within the exact tenure. In case when of study, proper scoring is very much dependent on how much you study and practice samples .Therefore wrist watch is important to notice the quantity of time one is studying and putting efforts for. 
  • When a woman wears a watch on the wrist it signifies the personality of that woman. E can identify the choice and interests of that woman in life. For example a sports woman prefer digital watches, an intellectual woman prefers an analog or quartz type of watch. Moreover some watches act as a bracelet for women and they wear it as jewellery in occasions and parties. 
  • It is one of the best gits which can be given to a woman. It can be gifted in wedding, in birthday, in anniversaries and also to gift without any specific purpose. It is such a gift that will be remembered by the person whom you have gifted it. 


Watches are integral part of life, it is needed everyday and thus you have to buy watches of good quality so that there is long durability of the watch. One important factor is that the durability and the quality also depends on how you maintain your watch and protect it from the things which can shorten the durability of the wrist watch.