Frequently Asked Questions by the Brides-to-be from their Makeup Artists

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As a professional makeup artist in Bangalore for several years, I have experienced a lot of questions that a bride-to-be asks her bridal makeup artist and in this article, I have tried my best to cover those frequently asked questions with comprehensive answers for the same.

What does the Bridal Package include?

1.As a Bridal Makeup Specialist, I do not believe in having a Package where one size fits all. I am all about curating specific Looks for each of your events starting from Pre Wedding functions leading all the way to your Wedding and Post Wedding events if any. Having said that, I have an elaborate Consultation to understand the preferences likes and dislikes of the Bride post which, each look will include, Makeup, Styling of the Hair, Styling the Outfit & most often all these are done at your Venue

2. I am not a Makeup Person and do not want a heavy Cakey look. Will you be able to help?

As an Artist, and in my personal experience, I have seen that almost 80% of my clients are not into using Makeup in their everyday lives. Therefore, I completely understand the apprehension and ensure that I take time to hear them out patiently and help them understand that I will be able to give them a “No Makeup, Makeup Look” and explain how it is done

             3. I have very sensitive skin and I am not sure how the Makeup will look on me?

This is precisely why I recommend and sometimes urge the Brides to have a Face to Face meeting with me before they decide to hire me. This is an essential process as I too have to get a chance to look at the Bride and assess her skin condition, skin care habits, and also understand if she is under any Dermatological treatments. All these aspects are extremely important before I can answer the above question.  After we have had all the necessary aspects discussed, I will go ahead and provide a Makeup Trial for both of us to know how the Makeup will look and post-application, we can address other issues that we may have.

             4. What kind of Makeup should I go for? My friend recommended Air Brush I have no idea!

Well, there are two kinds of Makeup, HD, and Airbrush. We definitely will be guiding and explaining the steps, processes, tools, and products involved in both the methods. After a detailed consultation, you will be able to understand and mutually we can decide on the best method to go ahead with

              5. Should my Groom get a makeover for the Big Day?

Absolutely. We are so glad that Brides are now considering Makeovers for their Partners as well. While we fully understand the apprehensions that guys will be having and we so believe in taking them into confidence by explaining the steps and products used for them as well.  Rest assured they will look just the way they look every day but, a whole lot Camera Friendly. After all, why should only Girls be all dressed up?

         6. My previous Makeup with a Beautician / Makeup Artist was a disaster. I am extremely scared   about my Wedding Makeup

We are sorry to hear about your previous experience with Makeup. While we cannot go back in time to change that, we surely want to understand all the aspects that led to your nightmarish experience. As this will not only help you understand what right questions that you may have missed asking, it will also enlighten you about the right process and the set of questions that a Professional should be seeking answers from you to eventually design your personalized look for your Big Day

        7. Why is Professional Makeup Artist expensive while I can hire a beautician at a fraction of the     cost?

We get this question asked a lot. Our answer is simple. The difference you pay is for the Exclusivity. While we cannot speak for Professional Artists in general, We in specific charge you for your whole Experience starting from hours of Consultation, in person, on Whatsapp, on-call, Trials, recommendations and eventually carefully taking all the points to curate the most personalized look for each of your events. We guarantee you, that the entire experience will leave you so carefree about how you are going to look on your Big Day because you will look nothing but your stunning self. That is the level of confidence both of us would have when you book your journey with us.

8. When is the ideal time to Hire the Bridal Makeup Artist?

The ideal time to hire your Makeup Artist would be at least 3 months ahead of your wedding. Although, it is recommended that you hire your Artist before you start your Wedding Shopping as we can guide you with trends and color palettes that best suits you

             9.  Should I Hire a Professional for my Family?

Well, why not? Your mother, sister, aunt have all been as eager and as excited about your wedding just like you are. So, why not give them the wonderful experience that you are considering for yourself? Also, this can be a great way of thanking them and making them feel so special for having your back all the time. We would be delighted to provide your Family the best looks for each of your events.

10.Should I hire a Professional Makeup Artist for my Pre Wedding Shoot?

Our answer is a Big Yes. Let us explain why. The whole point of having Pre-wedding shoot, small functions, parties are all about creating memories for a  lifetime. So, while you are spending money to capture all your happy moments, does it not make it worthwhile to look oh so pretty in them?