Frankie Dettori’s Tips for Racing at the Casino

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Frankie Dettori is a famous English jockey that has won the Epsom Derby, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, Irish Champion Stakes and International Stakes. He’s also been on winning horses in two Kentucky Derbies and one Preakness Stakes. Frankie has some tips for racing at casinos that you might find interesting!

Engage with the staff. Get to know them and they’ll get to know you. They’re more likely to look out for your interests, keep an eye on what’s going on at the tables, give you a heads up if there are any changes in odds or payouts that could work in your favour. You should also find a slot machine attendant who will quickly take care of cocktail service requests and make sure nobody tampers with your chips while you’re not looking!

Some casino games like poker can be played as high-low split just like back home – but no matter how well versed we think we are, it pays to study the game first before hitting play! Craps is always fun because you have many different ways to bet, and the game moves quickly.

Avoid playing at casinos where you can’t see the table or player who’s dealing cards from behind a partition – these are usually rigged in favor of one particular dealer rather than rotating tables with different dealers.

Frankie Dettori is a world-renowned Italian jockey. He has won the Epsom Derby, Ascot Gold Cup and Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe three times each, as well as being Champion Jockey on 27 occasions. Now Frankie shares his tips for racing at casinos:

“You should always place your bet before you put any cards in play.”

“Always make sure to think twice about taking insurance if it’s offered because it will cost you one more unit than what was wagered.”

“Never bluff with Ace high unless there are two pair or better on board; this would be called ‘soft eight.'”

Frankie Dettori knows a thing or two about racing, and he also has experience with gambling. So we thought he would be the perfect person to put together some tips for those of you who want to play at the casino!

Pay attention. There are many distractions that can keep people from focusing on what’s happening in front of them–including other games going on around them, food being brought out by waiters, drinks being served by bartenders. Try not to do anything else while you’re playing your game so that you don’t forget where you’ve been and how much money is left. It’d be really unfortunate if somebody walked away from their table early because they lost track of time!

Have a plan. Don’t just throw money down on the table without thinking about how much you’re betting, what your strategy is, and whether or not it’s worth it to continue playing at that moment in time. If you think you have an opportunity to win big–or if you know that there are times when people start going crazy with their bets so this might be the best chance for winning something major–then sitting out one round might make sense!

Watch others play. As long as they don’t mind letting someone else watch them from behind, some players will let other people come up next to them and watch everything they do while they’re playing blackjack (and even poker!). This can help newbies learn the ropes without having to spend a ton of money on lessons, and it can be great for more experienced players who want some new strategies or techniques.

Try craps! Craps is one of the most exciting games in the casino because there’s so much excitement all around you–and since both sides have an equal chance of winning, it doesn’t take too many rounds before someone starts cheering about their winnings. Plus, once people start throwing dice at each other (which usually happens pretty quickly), they’ll forget that anyone else was watching them gamble away their fortune!


Frankie Dettori has been a professional jockey for over 20 years and has won some of the most prestigious races in horse racing. He’s now sharing his expertise to help those who want to race at casinos make more money. If you have any questions about how he does this, or if you’re interested in hiring him as your own personal trainer, please reach out! We would be happy to answer any question that comes up about all things Frankie Dettori related.