Everything You Need to Know About the Oz Lotto

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Spending money on lottery tickets and lottery games is a favourite pastime for many Australians across the country. With a 6.9 billion dollar industry, many citizens are trying their luck on many lottery games, namely the Powerball and Oz Lotto

The Oz Lotto: An Overview 

The Oz Lotto is a national lottery game of the country. It is under the Tatts Group’s supervision and promoted under the Lott’s brand. The lottery is available in all the states in Australia except for Western Australia. The National Lottery first came into being in 1994, and since then, has grown exponentially. The draw takes place every Tuesday. 

With each game costing a little over a dollar, it is quite similar to the other lottery game called the Saturday lotto. The highest price, an amount of 100 million dollars, was won in 2012.

How To Play?

Players usually take a standard ticket that has 7 winning numbers. A standard ticket gives players one chance of winning. Players can choose numbers manually or through random selection by the site. 

Players draw numbers from a single barrel containing 45 balls numbered from 1 to 45. 

They draw nine balls with the first 7 containing the winning numbers. The last two balls are the supplementary used to determine the type of division. 

The player has more chances of winning if they choose more advanced lottery tickets. The winning prize is determined by the type of division the winning and supplementary numbers indicate. 

Division 1: The first 7 numbers drawn must match the seven numbers on the ticket. This is the highest attainable prize.

Division 2: The drawn numbers must match any six main numbers along with a single supplementary number. 

Division 3: Six numbers drawn must match any six main winning numbers on the ticket.

Division 4: The numbers drawn must match any 5 main numbers on the ticket along with a supplementary number. 

Division 5: Must match any 5 main numbers on the ticket.

Division 6: Any 4 main numbers must match the ones on the ticket.

Division 7: 3 main numbers drawn must match the ones on the ticket along with a supplementary number. 

The prize money decreases with each division with increased probability for success.

Online Oz Lottery Sites and Its Benefits

  1. Convenient

One can buy the tickets through online sites from the comfort of one’s own home. Advanced online systems with many servers have made the lottery game available to people anywhere in the country.

  1. Cost

The tickets cost a little over a dollar to buy, and hence it is not much of an expense. However, there may be negative values incurred due to reduced odds of winning. 

  1. Security

All lottery sites conduct monetary transactions through secure servers and channels. All transactions are on record, and hence there is no danger of theft, loss or cybercrime. 

  1. Details and Statistics

Everything, from the type of ticket to time of draw is available on the site itself. Therefore, there is no need to search for information from any other outlet. One can convey any problem regarding the lottery game to the customer helpline contacts present in the site itself. The results of the game are published online and also sent to registered emails of the players directly.