Everything You Need to Know About HOME LIGHTING

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Light is one of the key components of interior design. Most inside spaces developed in the twentieth century are utilized by those lights which are very similar to sunlight. Choosing right is everything because it’s a light that highlights the extraordinary features of the room. Your lighting categories should match with the stylistic theme of the room. So, here comes some tips while purchasing any type of light whether it is a chandelier, table lamp or floor lamp. Follow these tips and they will look best in your home.

1. Chandeliers

Chandeliers come in a number of styles and types, some of them are having a modern look while others having a traditional one. Style is important but also keep in mind some other factors too like the size of the room, paint of the room and other furniture. Choosing the right chandelier is always based on these factors. But the best thing is that chandelier can fit in any kind of room, you only need to choose right one.

2. Wall Sconce

Wall sconces serve a variety of purposes and a unique feature in any room. Wall sconces come in many shapes and sizes, Always consider the décor of your home while choosing a wall sconce. Wall sconces work best in areas where direct lighting is not necessary. Numerous people prefer them in corridors, passages or rooms and its expense will probably rely upon the quality and style you pick.

3. Floor Lamps

A floor lamp can be the one that can great fit for any room, choose a floor lamp according to the light requirement in the room and corner according to size, shade and style. Floor lamps are a perfect choice, it will help provide suitable lighting to the places you need it most, such as reading area. Floor lamps can upgrade your décor and your favorite areas too.

4. Table lamp

One of the best ways to add colours in your existing décor is simply adding a beautiful table lamp that comes in many styles.  Choose a lamp according to the size of the table you plan to place. They are adaptable and highly useful. For Example, choose a bright shaded lamp for study lamps it will make light more focused while for only decorative purpose choose a crystalline table lamp.

5. Architectural Lighting

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In case you are looking to make such a cozy environment in which you can have fun and relax, Architectural lighting will be the component you need. Lounges and family rooms are the best places for this sort of lighting. Architectural lighting makes your room to look and feel great. They can easily increase the glow of your area.


We can conclude that lighting fixtures are a crucial part of any type of interior designing. Choosing a new light fixture can assist if you are searching for a way to smarten up your house look without even a major makeover. To prevent boredom a successful lighting scheme must have some variation in lights, shades, and background lights. So, just grab your favourite lighting equipment today from Mafee Mushkil.