Do You Want to Get Innovative with Your Patio? Here Are Some Suggestions

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Outdoor areas like patio offer a humongous amount of freedom when you have to stay at home largely. You can use this space to relax, socialize, work out, and do gardening. Essentially, you can keep yourself occupied with several diversions. That’s why it can be a blessing to have a patio in your home. The home builders association shows rising demand for this feature since 2012. However, it gained tremendous popularity during the pandemic. Statistics reveal a nearly 22.5% increase in permits compared to the last year that went out for outdoor extensions.  Going by the trend, improving your patio can prove rewarding, whether or not you plan to live in the same house for long.

You may wonder about time and budget constraints. Well, here are some design ideas that address both the t6se factors. You can explore them based on your comfort. So, let’s take a quick tour.

Patio Home Improvement Projects

  • More than $25, 5 minutes

Of course, you cannot achieve a lot within this time. Still, you can create a massive difference to your patio within five minutes. It involves patio cleanup. Remove all dirt, debris, leaves, weeds, etc. However, uprooting weed can take a little extra effort. Plus, you can use a wet mop to eliminate spider webs from the siding. Once you cleaned everything, you can decorate the area with new lights. Since lanterns and string lighting add a whimsical touch to the entire setup, you can get them to elevate your patio’s beauty for a nominal price.

  • More than $400, 30 minutes

If you are ready for hard work, upgrade your outdoor living space with a focal point, hanging chairs, for example. You get several varieties in these types of furniture. So, finding something desirable doesn’t have to be a task. At the same time, it is a quick solution to feather your nest without spending a fortune. Designers suggest traditional porch swings or egg chairs with Scandinavian vibes can be perfect.

  • More than $330, 60 minutes

Having water features on the patio can be aesthetically pleasing. Everyone loves them. But do you know the sound of running water can also be useful for stress? You can create clean or straightforward water lines to bask in the fountain-like effect. It doesn’t require gargoyles or other intricate designs. Simple water features can be available for $200 plus. 

To make your space a little more relaxing, you can deck it up with signature potted plants and planters. These again don’t have to cost much. Plus, you can rely on them to increase your patio’s livability quickly. Since there is no shortage of options, you can pick your favorite styles, textures, and colors without hesitation. Some common choices include roses, begonias, and strawberry plants. These are specifically suitable for beginners.

Whether you implement all the changes or just the greenery part, you can be optimistic about the outcomes. If water features are slightly out of reach for you, consider adding greenery. It will also help.

  • More than $1500, Full Weekend

You can combine other smaller ideas with an outdoor kitchen theme if you have an entire weekend to spare on this. Going for an outdoor kitchen can sound crazy in terms of time and effort. But you can get this trendy thing hassle-free. You have to put your DIY skills to use to install a modular kitchen, shelves, serving cart, refrigerator, and one of the best types of farmhouse sinks, etc. However, ambitious projects involving backsplash, pizza oven, TV, and others ask for professional help. If you calculate your cost, outdoor refrigerators can be $500-plus, serving carts $100-plus, and modular kitchens $600-plus.

On the other side, you can set up vertical gardens for tomatoes, peas, greens, herbs, melons, squash, cucumbers, etc. In addition, you can grow chili papers, radishes, onions, beets, and other vegetables in small pots, raised beds, and planter boxes. These can provide colors to your patio and take care of your nutrition too. Usually, flower pots cost $10-plus and raised boxes and beds $75-plus. But materials for vertical gardens would incur at least $150.

  • More than $30, 3 hours

Deep cleaning a house can be a laborious job. But it can also be the most satisfying thing to achieve. From unwanted crawlers to cobwebs to dirt and grime, thorough cleaning of even the hard-to-reach areas can reduce anything damaging for you or your family’s health. Since the focus is a patio right now, let’s concentrate on this part. When it comes to cleaning the deck, you can move all the furniture pieces from here and use a pressure washer to drive away any built-up, such as algae, mold, dirt, etc. Then, remove these irritants from the siding of the house also around your patio. 

You may not have a power washer at home. But you can rent one easily from companies that lease these tools for about $30 a day. With this equipment, your patio should not take more than three hours to clean.

As you can see, most of these patio renovation ideas are DIY-based. Some require a bit of elbow grease, while others can be quick to achieve. Also, some are cost-effective and others a bit expensive. When you decide to spruce up the patio, these design and revamping solutions will come in handy. You can pick from them as your time and budget allow. Plus, you don’t need to attain everything at one go unless you have planned an event with your friends and family already. 

Since no matter how extensive you go with this upgrade, you will have to begin with the basic thing: clean up. So give your patio a neat look first. Later, you can build things into this area to enhance its beauty. As there has to be proper seating arrangement, you can buy cozy yet sturdy outdoor furniture where everyone can sit together to have fun. Garden, water features, kitchen, and others can come later as you progress with your renovation goal. Taking this approach can be less taxing as you get enough room to allocate different resources.