Do You Need A 144hz Monitor? The Benefits Of A Higher Refresh Rate

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If you’re looking into buying a new monitor for your PC, you may be wondering if it’s worth buying a 144Hz monitor for gaming and general desktop use. What’s a 144Hz monitor? Do you need it, and is it worth it? Find out now from our computer shop.

What Is A 144Hz Monitor?

A 144Hz monitor is able to display moving images at a “refresh rate,” of up to 144 frames per second, or FPS. FPS is a measure of how smooth a moving image – like a video or a video game – looks when it’s displayed on a PC. The higher the FPS, the smoother the moving image will be.

Most normal monitors are locked at a refresh rate of 59 or 60 FPS. While this is fine for day-to-day web browsing, modern graphics cards like the NVIDIA 3080 can output much higher frame rates – but if you’re using a monitor locked at a lower refresh rate, you can’t take advantage of this.

Basically, a 144Hz monitor lets you get more out of your PC if you’ve invested in powerful, high-quality components. This is particularly valuable if you’re a gamer.

What Are The Benefits Of A Higher Refresh Rate?

Wondering why a higher refresh rate or “FPS” is a good thing? Here are a few of the benefits that you can enjoy if you invest in a 144Hz monitor.

  • Smoother overall performance – While 144Hz monitors are primarily marketed toward gamers, they offer better overall performance when doing things like checking email, watching videos, and more. You’ll notice that animations and video filmed at a high FPS will look smoother, which can provide you with a better overall computing experience.
  • Higher FPS cap when gaming – In gaming, this is a highly desirable feature. If your monitor supports only a 60Hz refresh rate, that’s the most frames it can display – even if your graphics card is capable of running a game at 120 FPS, you’re locked to 60 frames per second.

    In contrast, a 144Hz monitor lets you benefit from a higher FPS rate of up to 144 frames per second. This improves the overall smoothness, performance, and responsiveness. This is highly desirable when playing first-person shooter games like Fortnite, and other popular titles like DOTA 2, League of Legends, and more.
  • Usually includes Freesync & G-Sync technology – Freesync from AMD and G-Sync from NVIDIA are included in most 144Hz monitors, and they do the same basic thing. They match the refresh rate of your monitor to the output of your graphics card.

    Basically, if your graphics card is putting out 90 frames per second, a monitor with Freesync or G-Sync will match that frame rate perfectly. This helps reduce screen tearing and choppiness that could otherwise affect the images on your screen while gaming.

A 144Hz Monitor Is Definitely Worth It For Gamers – Upgrade Your PC Setup!

144Hz monitors are worth every penny if you’re a gamer and your PC is powerful enough to run games at 120 FPS or higher. You’ll enjoy much better overall performance and smoothness.

However, they are less useful if you’re not a gamer. If you primarily use your PC to browse the internet, watch videos, check emails, and do other day-to-day tasks, a 4K monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate may be a better investment.

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