Do Thigh Holsters Actually Work With Skirts? -Unveiled

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In today’s world we have come quite ahead of all those old fashioned belt holsters when it comes to varieties. Belt holsters are nice and fine, but only in some situations when a woman had to wear jeans or trousers. So what about the time when she wants to wear a skirt? Concealing a gun can be difficult at that time as there won’t be any loops available for a belt. Hence the creative minds came up with the invention of thigh holsters, these are what women would need in such a situation that demands a gun, but there are no loops. But all this makes us wonder — do thigh holsters actually work with skirts or they are just the only available option? Well read on to know better about thigh holsters. 

Thigh Holsters Benefits For Women? 

With the usage of thigh holsters, women can actually carry their guns easy and comfortably. There will hardly be any exposure permitted. Whether you’re wearing a skirt or even a dress, a thigh holster or Garter Holster serves the best holster to pick by any women in skirts. 

Not only the concealed carry but Eve pulling out the gun from the holster is comparatively much easier with these high holsters.

It is with the thigh holsters that women can keep themselves protected with concealed carry, irrespective of the clothes she chooses to wear. 

Do Thigh Holsters Work? 

A thigh holster especially for the inner thigh may “work” most of the time. However, we can’t guarantee how fast or rapid it is. Also some people don’t even trust it if the concealment must be 100% guaranteed or not. Say for example if the skirt is slightly loose for a fast to draw, it is loose enough to rise thigh-high in the wind, thus exposing the gun during the most vulnerable times.

But we don’t have any perfect solution, even the best ones restrict your fashion style. A decent sized gun would require dressing in a way that makes you look a bit chunkier, and that’s why American men’s suit coats are so bulky and shapeless when compared with British or Italian suits.

Are Thigh Holsters Suitable? 

The answer to this question dominates the kind of body type you possess and what kind of skirt you usually wear. However, one option that you can consider is the Flash Bang Holster. 

For skinny: if you are skinny you can wear a loose dress and the thigh holster might work. If you carry some extra weight then the Flash Bang Holster can be a great option for you.

You should always remember that not only you have to conceal the holster and pistol, you also need to be able to access it when you need it.


Thigh Holsters are a pretty convenient, comfortable and a great option for women wanting to leave in skirts. These offer the space to conceal the gun without having to show it, and it also offers a latent shield to the woman walking out wearing a skirt/dress. Thigh holsters do work for anyone wanting to use them, but the body types vary and that’s why sometimes the experience shared also differs from woman to woman. Apart from that, these can be reliable but only and only if you are too trained and know how to make the best use of these. Otherwise these thigh holsters won’t be of any use despite how good their quality is. 

You need to adapt to using them and operate as you wear these, because in practical sense things are somewhat different and challenging. So to answer the question— do thigh holsters actually work with skirts? Then we’ll lean towards saying yes, but with the condition of your body type and how experienced you are.