Dispelling Popular Myths about Breast Augmentation

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When we talk about cosmetic surgery procedures, breast augmentation, or what we know as breast implants, ranks on top. This surgery reduces, enhances, or lifts the breasts. Over the years, breast augmentation in Dubai has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries.

There are different reasons as to why someone would opt for it. Some get it to boost their self-image, while for some, it is to get back in shape after pregnancy. Also, women get it as a reconstruction surgery after breast cancer.

Like everything else, breast augmentation, too, comes with its share of misconceptions and myths. Most of them are untrue and give birth to false notions about plastic surgery, in general. And today, we are going to bust some of them.

Let’s start:

1.   They need replacement every decade

Although there is no denying that breast implants need to be replaced/removed but only in the event of a rupture, discomfort, or personal preference. There are no designated expiry dates for implants, but they are not lifetime devices either. The technology is highly advanced and implants are built in such a way that makes them long-lasting and safe. They are quite durable and can bear a substantial amount of impact or pressure easily.

2.   Breast implants give a fake look

As said earlier, the technology today is pretty advanced. So much so that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between natural and enhanced breasts. Until and unless one gets abnormally large implants, of course. When someone decides to move ahead with breast augmentation, the surgery is tailored specifically for them. Factors such as a patient’s profile, placement, and measurements play a key role. Nowadays, the results are as natural as they come.

3.   Mothers cannot breastfeed after getting augmentation surgery

False. Many women who want to breastfeed their children after an augmentation surgery can do so with suitable considerations. Studies have found no medical risk for babies who are breast-fed or born to a woman with implants. Careful incision placement and planting of the implant makes all the difference while reducing the risk following the procedure.

4.   Saline implants are better than silicone gel implants

Be it saline implants or silicone, they both serve the same purpose. There are a few differences in the way they look and feel. Saline implants are firmer and may not feel as natural to some. They tend to ripple more than silicon. Silicone implants feel soft and supple like breast tissue. They get ruptured often and absorb 1% per implant every year, but the saltwater present in them is perfectly safe for the body. You don’t have to remove silicone implants right away in case of a leakage, getting an MRI done every 2-3 years can help with finding silent ruptures.

5.   Implants lead to inaccurate mammograms

Again, this is untrue! There is no problem in getting the mammogram done as long as the radiologist is aware of the implants.

6.   Breast implants are unsafe

Numerous studies from renowned and respectable institutions have found that both saline and silicone implants are safe and do not cause breast cancer.

7.   The results of breast augmentation are immediate

After getting the augmentation surgery, the muscles tend to react by tightening. This way, the resting position tends to be a little higher than normal and the chest tissues appear to be somewhat swollen. The results are visible after 8-12 weeks of surgery, depending on the patient. The swelling subsides by this time, and the implants settle into a natural position.

8.   The recovery process is painful

It is common sense that the incisions and the surroundings muscles get sore with any surgery. The same is the case with breast augmentation. There are medications to help the patient with the pain and tenderness that subsides within a week or two.

9.   Breast augmentation surgery can be done by any cosmetic surgeon

Any well-trained cosmetic surgeon can place implants, sure, but only a skilled and trained cosmetic surgeon with experience spanning years can get you natural-looking and last results.

10.   Women with implants can be easily spotted

It is said that anyone with breast implants is easy to spot as the surgery makes them look unnatural. And due to this concern, many women have dropped the idea of visiting a plastic surgery in Dubai to get augmentation altogether. But you would be amazed to see how the implant materials are created to mimic the same appearance and feel of natural breast tissue. Implants result in a soft and natural feel when they are placed beneath the chest muscle, and taking measures for the prevention of buildup of scar tissue.

So, whenever you decide to get breast augmentation or any other cosmetic surgery for natural-looking results that both make you feel beautiful and confident, choose someone who possesses both experience and expertise in the field for the best results.