Digital marketing trends for 2020

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We know that for a digital marketing strategy to be successful, it is necessary to always be aware of the innovations and trends that are formulated in this matter.

This mainly has to do with the fact that no digital marketing company can think only in the short term, but that it is essential to establish ideas and guidelines in the medium and long term. For this reason, it is never too early to find out what the trends will be shortly. We all know it may be tough and perhaps create a panic in the beginning. 

This is why we have given ourselves the task of identifying some of the marketing trends, that although some will continue to carry out certain adjustments, there are others that you surely do not take into account in your strategy and that could add greatly to the same.

What awaits us in 2020 for digital marketing?

A study has revealed different special trends that we will find strength in the coming year. One of the main trends that have been recognized has to do with social messaging. More than 30% of digital marketing leaders have stated that social messaging is one of the most important trends.

Likely, the interest that this type of strategy has gained over time has to do with the fact that the development of new technologies has expanded and will allow greater possibilities to be given in social networks.

Video of my life and my heart

Second in our list of trends, an important mention has been made of the video format. It is estimated that in this year 2018, video will be one of the most widely used digital marketing strategies.

Also, an eye has been put particularly on the use of video in social networks, which has experienced a significant boom in recent times.

Influencers, never run out

Others have been added – although in lower numbers – to the list of trends for the coming year. The first of them has to do with marketing through influencers, which, although it is nothing new, is estimated to grow more and more.

The low adherence of digital marketing leaders to the statement that the use of influencers will be a trend in 2018 is surprising, as more and more companies decide to add them to their campaigns.

The goal of creating a list of digital marketing trends for 2018, which is just a few months away from us, is committed to the changes we are experiencing and it is extremely necessary to adapt to them.

Indeed, people’s interests and consumption and information habits are progressively changing and our strategies must adapt to these new rhythms.

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