CVMarkets Review – Why should you choose this broker?

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The trading world is fast-paced. It is almost impossible to keep up with the volatile market. While one may find managing one’s accounts tougher at times, it is even more of a feat to trust a suitable platform to take care of them for you. You see relying on a platform to align your trade work can be more of a challenge. Not all platforms will be able to match your trade requirements. Every trader follows certain key principles. It is highly unlikely for one trading platform to offer all such services to accommodate your needs.

Not only that, a trading platform does not disclose all of its trade secrets. How are you to know if it is the most suitable one for you? This is why I thought I should share my opinion on a trading platform I have been using. I surveyed CVMarkets on my own before opting for it. While some of its promising features were very evident, it took me time as a customer to catch up to the rest. I have been an active trader on this platform for over two years now. I believe that my experience on this platform will enable you to make a sound decision when it comes to selecting it as your go-to choice for a trading platform.

I will try to keep my opinions unbiased. This will help me overview its services even better. You can weigh out the pros and cons of this trading platform owing to its service features. The information that you get from other sources regarding this site might be quite vague. I will make sure to include most of the details to give you a better scope for analysis.

Overview of the Trading Platform

The first viewpoint you are bound to have when you access this platform is its simplistic design. There is no clutter on the main page. Everything is sorted into sections for you to select from. You will notice that you are being offered only one language on this platform. This can be an issue for a lot of people having other native languages. The platform can definitely do more when it comes to broadening their horizons on that front. The arrangement of trading information is pretty traditional. You will not find any discrepancy from the standardized trade methods. While the lack of innovation on this front is imperative, it is still manageable. The platform makes it up in its customization alternatives.


You will notice that the listed alternatives for trade are the usual Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks, and Indices. The platform operates on standardized trading means. Its left side has a series of lists for you to choose from. There are options for Positions, Closed positions, Deposit, Funds, Account state. The measure of indices is restricted during the day while I noticed that there was a considerable commission on Crypto deposits. All this is trivial when compared to the platform’s wide scope of trading choices. The options for settings are present on the bottom left side of the page. You can easily custom set your trade data from here. Any necessary arrangements you may require can also be set from here. No matter how many features may cover the page, the graph still manages to take center stage. It is the main focal point for the trader. It can be easily customized. Trade information can be easily accessed through its comprehensive alignment. The number of outlines that cover its custom features includes Line, OHLC, Spline, Scatter, and Candlestick.

You will find that Candlestick is the default selection for the graph. I personally found Line to be easier to read. This may just be a personal preference. You can always custom set it to your own requirements. While their exclusivity when it comes to language might be a problem for many, I feel like they can easily incorporate more languages onto their servers. Right now they offer only one dialect of English. They can start by introducing more dialects. Later on, they can incorporate Spanish, French, or German. I find that CVMarkets is hands-on in its approach while catering to the needs of the clients. They will easily manage to accommodate clients of the most common languages.

Assessing the Education Center

This was one sector of the platform I was looking forward to breaking down for you. You see, when I joined this platform, I was relatively new to the trading scene. The education center of this platform greatly helped me build on my knowledge of the trade. It is definitely one of the best features of this trading platform. It has been classified into various categories. You will find that they have managed to unify data all in one place for the entire trade community.

The market can be a tough place to survive in. You need to be able to set a groove for yourself. The education center of this platform allows you to gear up on the extra information needed to upgrade your trade knowledge. One thing that helped me the most in this center was the FAQ page. It had a series of most common questions listed and answered. I found that this was in a way assuring for beginner traders for they will be able to relate a lot more with the personal experiences of other traders. There is a section for the glossary where you can gear yourself up with all of the technical lingo used in the market. All terms are listed and defined in this section for you to easily run through.


Ever since the digital world has taken over, it has been really easy to digitally store data. Similarly, trade books have been digitalized and collected on this platform as eBooks. Twelve eBooks are present in CVMarkets’s library. I personally believe that they can easily work to expand this number. Market data is ever-changing. You need to be able to upgrade your information with time. These books are however easily accessible to all brokers. So whether you are new to the trade or an expert in the field. You will find something here for yourself. Books like Advanced Strategies eBook and Advanced Technical Analysis have been stacked for expert brokers.

Outlining the features in various Account Types

CVMarkets manages to categorize its accounts into 6 types. You see this has a certain advantage due to selection. Each customer will be able to find one catering to his/her individual needs and requirements. The services offered by each account type varies. It is your call which service category you choose to fit in. You can always upgrade to a better one owing to your need.


As the name suggests, this account does not come with an account manager. You can handle the reigns of this account by yourself. Its features include:- Minimum deposit: €250, Market Review, Significant leverage: up to 1:100. This is the best account for beginner traders to opt for.


You can upgrade to a bigger account owing to requirements. The features of this account are:- Minimum deposit: €5,000. Market Review, Dedicated account manager, Trading Bonus, Lucrative spreads: Basic Spreads, Significant leverage: up to 1:200, Trading room analysis: tier 3, Special Venture


The God account has the following features:- Minimum deposit: €10,000, Market Review, Dedicated account manager, Trading Bonus, Lucrative spreads: Platinum Spreads, Significant leverage: up to 1:200Trading signals, Trading room analysis: tier 2, Financial Planning, Risk management, Webinars: complete access, Prioritized withdrawals, Special Venture


The services offered by the Platinum account are:- Minimum deposit: €25,000, Market Review, Dedicated account manager, Trading Bonus, Lucrative spreads: Platinum Spreads, Significant leverage: up to 1:300Trading signals, Trading room analysis: Complete access, Financial planning, Risk management, Webinars: complete access, Prioritized withdrawals, Special Venture, Invitation to VIP events


You get a lucrative range of features when you decide to opt for the diamond account. They are:- Minimum deposit: €25,000, Market Review, Dedicated account manager, Trading Bonus, Lucrative spreads: Diamond Spreads, Significant leverage: up to 1:400, Trading signals, Trading room analysis: Complete access, Financial planning, Risk management, Webinars: complete access, Prioritized withdrawals: level 1Special Venture, Invitation to VIP events


This account is known for its exclusivity. It is an invitation-only account.

Risk Disclosure Statement

While everyone is aware of the risks of trade, not many people are cautious of it. CVMarkets makes sure that its clients are aware of the impending dangers of the market. They instill responsibility in all their clients through the Risk Disclosure Statement. The Risk Disclosure Statement will furnish customers with all the essential data and revelations on hazards related to market trade devices. There are financial related tools offered by MegaQ Ltd. CVMarkets ensures that all of its clients are aware of the risks relating to trade devices and workers. This is the reason they feature this data in the Risk Disclosure Statement. You can experience it to evaluate its authenticity for yourself.

Against Money Laundering Policy and KYC

Safety is one thing you do not need to worry about while working with CVMarkets. They take strict actions against violations of trade guidelines and laws. This includes their anti-money laundering guidelines ad regulations. They guarantee the awareness of their customers regarding trade laws and obligations. This is one thing they do not let slide. Their customers are not allowed to acknowledge any money, indistinct cash request, outsider transfer, or Western Union trades. CVMarkets has the approach to guide back the assets to the first source of settlement. This leaves no room for doubt. It verifies the actions and directives followed by all of its clients. This ensures that there is both productivity and security in trade.

Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation Policy

CVMarkets is actively involved in its withdrawal procedures. This is the main reason that you will find there to be more than a few verifications in play. They make sure to avoid the possible occurrence of any type of extortion. Security is their major priority when it comes to trade operations. The deposit alternatives don’t show any way to utilize PayPal which can be arranged by them in the future hopefully. There are three different ways you can withdraw,

1. Visa

2. Bank Wire

3. Bitcoin Transfers

Client support

The way a trading platform handles its client care organization tells a lot about their service operations. This gives you an insight into their client service handling. When you call the service center, you will be asked for your name, email, and message. I was amazed when they managed to direct my query into category operations. I was to select from a list of subjects to select my category of request. This helped them direct my call to a suitable service operator. While I did notice some delay during the patch through, it is understandable considering the busy market timings.


The service administrator is quick to solve your problems once you provide them with a brief overview. I found their service pretty amicable. They never leave you hanging and make sure that you are accommodated on all accounts. CVMarkets has the UK and Australia telephone through which they can be reached in case of a query. Their help working chat hours are Monday to Friday 07:00-14:00 GMT and for Phone support hours Monday to Friday 09:00 – 13:00 GMT

Last Thoughts

My detailed account of my experience with this platform is only to relate its service operations with you. Every trader has varying needs. I can attest to the reliability and efficiency of their trading platform but choosing it as your best option is a decision you have to make for yourself. Make sure to assess all your trade requirements before making a decision.