Custom Bobbleheads for Your Wedding

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Custom wedding bobbleheads are the latest preferred trend. Whether it is wedding apparel to the superhero’s costume, there are several options available to choose from. Below are few creative styles for custom bobbleheads for your wedding. These fully customized ideas open the door to endless opportunities that match the exceptional personality of bride and groom. All the themes are available in Bobblegifts. You can browse through and get started today.

1.Beach theme:

Beach wedding theme will demonstrate your wedding destination or honeymoon. Choose the dresses of your dolls like a traditional white dress with a black suit. You can even seat the bobble dolls elegantly over a rock or even dress them in a swimsuit if you have a daring nature. A beach theme is an outstanding yet exciting choice overall.

2.Humorous options:


Waggish bobbleheads for a wedding can range from the stereotypical yet classic like the “bride dragging groom to the alter.” These funny miniature custom renditions of your beloved ones can put anyone in a great mood. It’s an entertaining approach to a serious commitment. Also, an ideal choice for those who are not afraid of showing their goofy side.


There are a lot of options available for a custom bobblehead gifts for every comic lover. From superheroes to Aladdin and spies, you can customize each theme into an original advantage. It’s an excellent approach for those who want to incorporate their favorite movie or comic into their special day.

4.Family Portraits:

You can even include your family in your custom bobblehead for your wedding. Family is significant, and family portraits are an ideal way to freeze your best moments. Customized family portraits like imagine a baby-wearing suit or a dog with a bowtie. What is sweeter than decorating your home with a beautiful memory?

5.Traditional wedding theme:


If you are wondering about getting a realistic approach, then nothing is better than a fully customized bobblehead for your wedding. What is more exciting is that you can even choose the hairstyle, color, and dress representing your heritage. 

Traditional sarees and beautiful cheongsams are few wedding dresses you have to choose from. Even suits and tuxedos of every color are available for the modern wearer. For a more traditional look, you can adorn your doll with a typical Scottish kilt. For making your custom piece unique, you can include minor details from hair to jewelry. Everything is up to you.

Buying guide for custom bobbleheads for your wedding:

It can be challenging to choose the right custom wedding bobbleheads in your first experience. Here are some tips for choosing the best custom bobblehead for your wedding. Let’s have a look.

Considering the personality:

If you’re selecting a custom bubblehead for your wedding, then you can skip the tip. But if you are gifting it to someone at their wedding, you must consider the recipient’s personality. If your friend is a doctor, give a bubblehead to the groom wearing a white coat with glasses. If your friend love to smile, then choose a bubblehead with a big smile. This innovative yet creative idea depicts the apparent characteristics of your friends.

Research various options:

It would be best if you explore different types of wedding bobbleheads available before making a final purchase. Shortlist the best five manufacturers that are offering customized services. Then choose the best one for your custom bobblehead.

Top-notch quality:

Various bobblehead manufacturers claim to be the best but do not deliver a top-notch product. It’s wise to choose suppliers having great business experience. Make sure your selected artists can make bobbleheads professionally and have done it hundreds of times before.

Define your budget:

Make a budget and choose a suitable custom wedding bobblehead that falls within your defined budget.


Custom bobbleheads for your wedding are the perfect choice for your special occasion. Regardless of which option you choose, Bobblegifts offering endless possibilities for making a memorable newlyweds experience.