Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

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A creative gift wrapping idea is to wrap a present in the fabric. You can choose materials appropriate for the occasion and the event’s color scheme the present will be given at. This will not only make your present look nice and festive, but it’s also very easy to do! This article will tell you about some of the many different ways to wrap your presents.

Tea Towel Wrap

A tea towel can make for a creative gift wrapping idea. It’s not only functional but also very decorative! All you need to do is lay the towel out flat and wrap the present in it, with both ends of the gift on either side of one end of the towel. Next, tie up each end with a colored ribbon or string (whatever matches the present) and then pinch the ends of the towel together. Now you have a beautiful, creative gift collapsible box wrapped in an old-fashioned way!

You can also use this method for wrapping multiple gifts at once- tie all four corners up so that they are securely bundled together with one ribbon or string. This is great if giving someone more than one present, or if you want to use different colored ribbons for each gift.

Recycle In Style

Design your festive gift wrap by recycling, reusing, and upcycling. Make a gift tag by drawing on brown paper with markers or crayons- use this to decorate your present wrapping! Use old fabric scraps as ribbons instead of buying new ribbons from the store. You can also recycle newspapers into strips for tying off these gifts- just cut them newspaper into long, thin strips and tie them at the ends with a piece of string.

Make your gift tags by using old greeting cards or pages from calendars as wrapping paper for smaller gifts like jewelry boxes. If you’re giving someone clothes, use tissue paper to cover up any labels that could give away what’s inside! It’s also possible to create your gift tags by gluing two pieces of cardboard together then cutting them into shapes like stars, hearts, or circles. You could even wrap the tag around something round in size like a milk carton or jar- then cover it with fabric and glue to make an original tag.

Washi Tape Weave

Washi Tape is a decorative paper tape that can be used to make your gift wrapping more unique. Cut strips of paper and tape them on the outside with washi tape for a pretty, textured look- it’s easy to do even if you’re not an expert with a pair of scissors. 

Another option is to layer different colors and patterns with your gift wrap, using the washi tape for accents, or by alternating two rolls of wrapping paper together in a pattern- it’s as easy as rolling out some more paper! You can also try adding words to your design like “Love” or “Have a Merry Christmas.”

Photo Wrapping Gift Paper

If you’re looking for an even more personalized gift, consider using photos as wrapping paper in beautiful collapsible gift boxes. Then, to make it last longer, cut out your custom sheet and press in the photo- it’s a way to add dimension and personality that isn’t possible with traditional wrapping paper. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to show off their love with some creative gift-giving or needs the perfect present for that someone special in your life!

You can use decorative scissors and cut around the photo to make sure it is even on all sides. Cut small slits along the top edge of your cellophane wrapper perpendicular to your photo so you will be able to feed one end through these holes. Arrange the loose ends so they stick up like fringe, then fold over where they overlap and tuck into the backside of the picture frame.

Add some glitter or metallic paint to the outside of the cellophane wrapper using stencils or brushes to complete this creative look. Use different colors inside and out if you like – then stand back and take in how awesome it looks against that beautiful wrapping paper background!

Silver Detailing

You can also add a silver embellishment to the outside of your cellophane wrapper, like these shining snowflakes. Include some glitter or metallic paint in the design on the outside of your cellophane wrapper to make it shine. You can use stencils, brushes, and different colors inside and out for an extra-special effect! Add these accents to any wrapping paper background you like – from simple red foil gift wrap with white polka dots all over to that gorgeous gold tissue paper with a pretty pattern print. 

A creative way to dress up even plain old brown craft paper is by adding dimension using silver foil snowflakes cut into various shapes (the shape doesn’t matter). There is no need for glue here: place them randomly along one long edge of your package, so they overlap slightly, then continue folding until you reach the other end.

Tissue Paper Fringe

Just cut strips of tissue paper into one-inch-wide segments and layer them over the top of your present. You can do this in a wild, random fashion or more methodically by placing two layers per row with an alternating pattern: white on one side and red. This technique is great for wrapping small items like jewelry boxes where you want to show off what’s inside and conceal it at the same time! 

A creative way leaves no doubt that there is something special hidden underneath all those frills (or ribbons) – create loops from silver metallic ribbon or gold grosgrain cord using round fabric scissors then wrap them diagonally across the package, so they meet each other in front and back; these are called “bowties.”

A simple way to save space is using a larger piece of paper or cardstock and folding it in half, then cutting the excess off on both sides – this technique works well for square-shaped packages like shoeboxes. 

There are so many creative gift wrapping ideas to choose from that you should never have a boring Christmas. From the traditional paper and bows to more elaborate designs like mad libs or newspaper twists, your family will be amazed by what they find under the tree this year! We hope these tips help you give gifts in style.