Consider VoIP to improve your business’ customer satisfaction rate

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Regardless of the nature and operative industry of your business, customer satisfaction is one factor that you can’t overlook and send to the back seat. It is out of all those factors that determine your business success and brand image. A satisfied customer is the key to success.

Today’s customers expect higher service delivery in lieu of the amount spent. The very first step towards endowing your customers with great customer service is offering them impeccable customer service. The more diligent and attentive you are towards your customers’ concerns, the better would be the customer satisfaction rate.

While you must be thinking that getting hold over better customer satisfaction is tough, you can get hold of it using just the right business phone system. If you have chosen the right one, then there is no need to put tons of effort and money into achieving this.

Laced with tons of features that your customers love, by all means, a VoIP phone system rings you a little closer with the highest grade customer satisfaction. Wondering how it happens?

Here is an overview of it:

Customer satisfaction starts with better customer service delivery

You can just sit back and dream of having great customer satisfaction. But it won’t work, most probably. So, instead, you should work for it. 

The very first step is offering great customer service delivery. Key points like reduced call waiting time, less on-hold time, data-driven assistance, and around the clock availability are some that decide the quality of your customer service delivery.

Having a VoIP phone system means having a whole suite of features that improve, leverage, and polishes your customer service delivery. For example, its auto call answer facility ensures that no customer has to wait for long to get the call answered.

Then, it has IVR or Interactive Voice Response, which ensures that half of the things are settled by the customer sides only. Other features like call forwarding, call distribution, and call recording only add to your service delivery and help you handle customer calls in a responsive manner. 

All these augment the customer satisfaction rate and strengthen your market presence.

You can be available around the clock

Gone are those days when businesses used to enjoy great customer satisfaction by offering limited hours of customer service. Now, customers want around the clock availability without fail. 

Using a cloud-based phone system made it happen. With the on-cloud deployment of your phone system, you can enjoy the same sort of functionality without being present at a particular location. As soon as it’s fully configured, your team can get access to a fully functional business call system from anywhere. Literally from anywhere!

It has promoted remote workspace and has helped businesses to set-up virtual offices with the least possible investments. With virtual offices, your agents can receive business calls when they’re away from their office. This way, no call goes unnoticed, your customers get the answer to all the queries, and you enjoy high customer satisfaction.

Make data-driven decisions

Your customers won’t get satisfied when they get half-baked information. If you really want to improve your customer satisfaction, then you need to work on having easy data accessibility and data integration. A VoIP phone system comes with impeccable integration that brings a particular customer’s information from different departments under one roof.

For example, if you click on particular customer detail, you can learn about its demographic data, sales history, offers promoted, queries raised, and all the other related stuff. With such great data availability, you can easily make data-driven decisions and assist your customers in a better and advanced manner.

Better customer loyalty management

It’s not a better customer service that improves customer satisfaction. Rewarding your customers for their loyalty is also what contributes towards it. Using a cloud-based phone system, you can easily manage customer loyalty. You can create custom offers and deal and pitch them using unified communication.

Having an ear towards their voice

Along with a good speaker, one must be a good speaker as well. If you want to get hold of better customer satisfaction, then you must be attentive towards your customers’ voice and listen to their concerns.  

Cloud telephony allows you to create various online surveys & feedback forms wherein your customers put forward their concerns. Then, there is a call back facility for all those who don’t want to waste a single penny on availing customer service, which is their birthright. 

When your customer learns that you listen to their concerns and care for them, they will be satisfied for sure.


Customer satisfaction is one factor that can’t be ignored in any circumstances as it’s a growth deciding factor. While you struggle hard to improve your customer satisfaction, having the right business phone system like cloud telephony by your side can resolve all these things in one go.

VoIP is more than a business tool. It’s a way to serve your customers in a better and advanced way without compromising on anything. It works on all areas of customer satisfaction and helps you enjoy a high value.