Clear Span Buildings from Smart-Space: Uses & Benefits

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“Clear span” is an architectural terminology used to describe prefabricated steel buildings as well as bridges. The span of a building simply refers to the width of its framing. Prefabricated clear span buildings from Smart-Space UK are self-supporting which means they don’t need support columns. Buildings of this nature have the advantage of internal spaces that are free of obstructions.

Because steel is much stronger than wood, prefab metal buildings are ideal if you are looking for long or short-term storage space. Smart-Space’s Maxi Space is the best option to choose when you require a large, single clear span building. With heaves of about 12 m, and 60 m spans — Maxi Space is a cost-effective building design that allows you to maximize your space.

What are the benefits & uses of clear span buildings?

·  Manoeuvrability

It is true to say that large-scale agricultural businesses have a huge need for equipment, shelter, and barns with vast volumes of spaces. Farm tractors, combine harvesters, threshers and other heavy-duty equipment all require facilities with plenty of storage space. Clear span buildings are designed to provide enough room for farmers and all kinds of businesses that demand more space to manoeuvre their equipment with ease.

For example, warehouse operators demand wide spaces to allow for quick access to their stock quickly and efficiently. Columns within a building make moving around extra cumbersome. On the other hand, clear span buildings can greatly simplify warehouse operations.

·  Clear buildings for churches and schools

Many religious institutions opt for clear span structures. After all, steel columns can hinder movement within a church. Clear span buildings can function as auditoriums for educational institutions as well as cinemas. Basically, any building that houses a large audience needs to be a clear span structure.

·  Hangars

Aviation companies, including airlines, often set up clear span structures as hangars to house their aircraft. The large open space available is able to accommodate commercial airliners.

·  Unlimited flexibility

Some rental companies and retailers also find clear span buildings to be the best solution for their businesses. When the seasons change alongside the needs of your loyal customers, your need for space may also shift. Smart-Space offers flexible clear span buildings which means you can remodel the available space with relative ease.

Individuals also find clear span buildings to be beneficial in the sense that it is easier to adjust their interior spaces. When your requirement for space changes, simply re-adjust your clear span building — and you are good to go.

4 reasons why you should invest in clear span buildings from Smart-Space UK

There is little doubt that Smart-Space is the most trusted temporary building supplier in the UK. While their clear span buildings are mostly available for purchase, there is a lease option as well.

The key advantages of clear span buildings are:

·  Tall and wide structures that are sturdy and well illuminated

·  Get up to 60 m wide of clear space with zero obstructions

·  Accommodate large machines and store large quantities of products in a flexible manner

In terms of cost, Smart-Space clear span buildings are budget-friendly:

·  Clear roof panels allow natural light to permeate through the facility, reducing your lighting costs

·  Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems can be installed due to proper insulation

·  Can be set up on any kind of surface much like traditional buildings

·  Get a manufacturer’s ‘cladding warranty of over 30 years

·  These affordable and high-quality buildings are convenient for several applications.

·  Durable multipurpose buildings save you money

·  Gives you a large volume of space allowing unobstructed movement

Get in touch with Smart-Space right away, and find a lasting solution to your need for huge clear span buildings.