Check Live Status of 12134 Train

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The live status of a train can be checked through various online platforms, and the process is relatively simple and convenient. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can check the live status of the 12134 train (or any other train) using different websites and apps, as well as provide some additional tips and information to make your train travel more efficient.

How to Check Live Status of 12134 Train:

1. Using the Indian Railways Official Website:

  • Visit the official website of Indian Railways (
  • Enter the train number (12134 in this case) in the designated search box.
  • Click on ‘Check Live Status’ or ‘Get Status’ to see the real-time location of the train, its current running status, expected arrival and departure time, and more.

2. Using Mobile Apps:

  • Download and install mobile apps like ‘NTES’ (National Train Enquiry System) or ‘Where is My Train’ on your smartphone.
  • Enter the train number (12134) or search by train name to get the live status updates.

3. Via SMS:

  • You can also check the live train status by sending an SMS to 139 in the following format:
    SMS to 139.
    For example, for train 12134, send SMS 12134 to 139.

4. Using Third-Party Websites:

  • Several third-party websites like,, etc., also provide live train status updates. Simply enter the train number to track the live status of the train.

5. Through Automated Phone Call:

  • Call the Indian Railways inquiry number 139 from your registered mobile number and follow the automated instructions to get the live status of the train.

Additional Tips for Train Travel:

  • Punctuality: Always check the live status of your train before heading to the station to avoid unnecessary waiting.
  • Booking Confirmations: Ensure your ticket is confirmed before heading to the station to avoid any last-minute surprises.
  • Seat Availability: Check for seat availability if you are planning to book tickets at the last minute.
  • Platform Information: Use the same sources to check the platform number where your train will arrive.
  • Delays: In the case of delays, stay connected with the live updates for revised departure and arrival timings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Is the live train status updates accurate?
  2. Yes, the live train status updates are generally accurate and sourced directly from Indian Railways’ data.

  3. Can I track the entire route of the train using live status updates?

  4. Yes, you can track the train’s entire route, including scheduled stops and delays.

  5. How often is the live train status updated?

  6. The live train status is updated regularly, with real-time location updates.

  7. Can I check the live status of trains other than 12134?

  8. Yes, you can check the live status of any train by entering its respective train number.

  9. Are there any charges for checking the live train status?

  10. Checking the live train status is usually free of charge on most platforms.

In conclusion, checking the live status of the 12134 train or any other train is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free journey. Utilize the various digital platforms and tools available to stay informed about your train’s whereabouts, timings, and any potential delays for a stress-free travel experience.