Why are Shared Proxies not Secure?


Learn why using a shared proxy is not ideal for your business and know the reasons why this is so. Get to know the differences between dedicated IP vs shared IP and apply this learning to your business. What is a Proxy? Basically, proxies are intermediary servers that allow you to surf the web anonymously. […]


chrome themes

A theme is a different way of defining how your browser appears when you open it. It usually changes the looks and design of your window when you use it. Google Chrome theme extension is easily available on the chrome web store and can be added to Chrome to try a variety of themes and […]

How to become a good programmer in java Language

How to become a good programmer in java Language

Java is an object-oriented and popular programming language that is very stable and mainly used to build large enterprise-class applications. It is also considered a general-purpose programming language designed to allow the developers to write once and operate anywhere (WORA), which means that Java code can run on any platform that holds Java without recompilation. […]

Getting Started with Selling Tech

Selling Tech

In 2014, Australia had around 600,000 people working in the ICT sector. Finance continues to be the top industry in Australia, followed by professional services and consumer goods retailing. These industries are the typical ones since they’ve been around for decades. The top 10 industries in Australia are all typical ones like healthcare, banking, and […]

Industries that Must Use Age Verification Solution

Age Verification

The protection of minors is a significant issue that every nation is concerned about. Ever since the spike in technology, children under the age of 18 are at risk of being exposed to age-inappropriate content. Minors have unlimited access to the online world. The internet is loaded with improper stuff that can end up harming […]

The Perks of Buying Extended Warranty for iPhones


Today, an iPhone is the most sought-after smartphone to purchase. While there is no doubt about its efficiency as phones go, reports from users mention that these phones go through hitches and glitches in the course of use. This is easily dealt with if you have extended warranty that covers any problems with your device. […]

5 Major Specifications To Help You Choose A Good Laptop

5 Major Specifications To Help You Choose A Good Laptop

Which laptop should you buy? This has surprisingly become a common question among prospective buyers. It’s no surprise that finding a decent laptop, irrespective of the price segment has become a bit of a challenge. There are simply too many options to choose from. The fact of the matter is that there is no single […]

Where can get the barcode for your products on a budget?

Bar Code Logo BIG

Nowadays the need for the barcode is increased because it is an essential one for getting the identity for your product. It is very simple to buy barcodes online at a low cost and there is nothing that will restore the value at any time. This is the valuable one to make your product the unique one […]

5 Reasons To Choose The Engineering Drawing Management System


The DMS system software or the engineering drawing management system is very well required in the organizations nowadays. Every industry across the globe is going digital but unfortunately, the construction industry is still not realizing the importance of going digital. Still, there are several kinds of firms which are dependent upon the traditional systems of job trailers […]

How to attend CEH online training in Middle East?

Cloud Computing Training in Dubai

In order to make the neighborhood ability and urge them to join the most moving network protection profession as a moral programmer, EC-Council has dispatched certified ethical hacker in Middle East. Other than the English language, the network protection lovers would now be able to pick the preparation in their own official language, Arabic. The […]