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Erectile dysfunction is a condition with multiple causes, some of them are physical and some of them are psychological. Based on the causes of the condition, many different types of medication, and treatments are offered by doctors to men who suffer from this condition. Another important factor that plays a role in the treatment of this condition is the severity of the condition, for instance, if your condition is mild, it may be easily treated with oral medications such as Cenforce, but if the condition is extremely severe you may require a penile implant or surgery. 

Many people recommend adding physical activities and exercise for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, as they see it as a cost-free and natural way to get healthy erections. 

But is exercise really effective in treating erectile dysfunction? Let’s explore and find out if the claims have any truth in them. 

Let’s first take into consideration the fact that erectile dysfunction is majorly caused by an adequate amount of blood flowing towards the penis, thus we can say that poor blood circulation stands among the major causes of erectile dysfunction in men.

Apart from poor blood circulation, obesity and excessive gain of weight are also among the leading causes of erectile dysfunction, especially among the younger men.

There are diseases such as diabetes and Atherosclerosis which also result in poor blood circulation and damage of the arteries, veins, and blood vessels (which has a negative impact on blood circulation) which are also the causes of erectile dysfunction. 

Health conditions related to the heart are also among the causes of erectile dysfunction which also has a direct connection to the blood circulation. 

People who live a sedentary lifestyle without any major physical activities also are at a greater risk of erectile dysfunction and poor blood circulation. 

So far, we have gathered that poor blood circulation is a potent cause of erectile dysfunction in men.

How do Physical activities help with the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men?

There are many different benefits that our bodies get from adding regular physical activities in our daily life, and one of them is smooth and proper blood circulation.

Our heart pumps blood which is oxygenated and filled with nutrients that has been assimilated from the food we eat, and passes it to over who body through the arteries that connect every single part of the body. The veins carry back the waste products generated by the cells along with the deoxygenated blood to the heart to repeat the entire process. This process is known as blood circulation and it is vital for the smooth functioning pf all parts of our body, including our sexual organs. 

When people exercise, their body moves, and the blood flows at a much better rate throughout the whole body. It also increases our lung capacity, thus improving the quantity of oxygen we can take in, and also improve our heart’s health. We all know that exercise is the number one way to burn excess fat from the body and stay in good shape. 

Many people who suffer from erectile dysfunction due to excessive weight gain and sedentary lifestyle have reported positive results in their condition after exercising regularly. Some people have even reversed erectile dysfunction with the help of proper and regular exercise regime. 

So, yes, erectile dysfunction is a viable solution for the treatment of erectile dysfunction as promotes the smooth flow of blood across the whole body and even improves the health of the heart.

But it is very optimistic to say that erectile dysfunction alone can treat erectile dysfunction, yes it helps but it needs to be in combination with the medications such as Vidalista or other treatments that your doctor may have prescribed to you based on the cause of the treatment.

You can also see exercise as a way to prevent erectile dysfunction and many other diseases as nobody was ever hurt by losing excessive weight. Regular exercise can give you a healthier and stronger body, a stronger heart, and smoother blood circulation. One of the most glamorous benefits of exercise is the healthy glow that it gives to the skin. And it is no news that people who exercise are considered to be more physically attractive, which doesn’t hurt your love life either. 

When it comes to the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is best to see exercise as a medium to prevent or improve the condition. Also make exercise a daily part of your life only then you will get any substantial benefits out of it, occasional days at the gyms won’t do you any good. You need to have regular physical activities in your day to day life. 

How to add Physical Activities to Your Life When you are too busy to Exercise? 

We fully sympathize with the fact that due to our desk jobs and machine-operated life we rarely have any time or scope for devoting special time for exercise, but it is necessary to add physical activities in your life.

The best way to do it is to devoid some time for exercise every day or at least for 5 days a week, it can be as less as 20 minutes, it is moving our body regularly that counts.

If you are running your errands, try to walk if the places you visit are nearby or use stairs instead of the elevators if you can. Walk your dog, or take your kids out to play in the park. Or pick a physical sport which will also boost your body’s testosterone level, which is also great for your sexual health. 

You can also develop hobbies which require physical activities such as rock climbing or dancing or even trekking, these things will not only get you physical activities but also add new depth to your personality. 

If you want to go old school, walking is still one of the best ways to add physical activities in your life, it does not cost anything you don’t require any special training for walking as you may do for yoga, and it is simple and effective.