Can Moving Make You Happier?

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A lot of people spend their whole lives traveling from place to place, sometimes within the same town or city, and occasionally across nations or continents. It can seem like a never-ending quest for external stimuli to fill a void that goes way deeper than just a house we live in.

For many, it’s better in the long term to learn to be satisfied with where they are right now. When you can accomplish this, your location doesn’t matter as much as your fulfillment. Once those deeper needs are covered, we can move on to ways that moving can contribute to your overall happiness.

Here are factors that affect our mood and quality of life.


Everyone needs to feel a sense of community and belonging. Humans are social animals, after all, and connections we have with our friends and family are essential to our well-being. If you live far away and you’re thinking of relocating, moving closer to the people you love might be a very good and healing idea — especially if you’re going through some rough patches and need additional support.

Environmental Impacts

It’s not uncommon for the weather to impact our mood, sometimes to the point where it’s simply unhealthy to stay there. You’re probably heard of the high depression rates in cold, rainy places like Seattle, and there is a reason for that.

There is even a whole mood disorder that’s based on climate, and it’s a real thing. According to this moving company, for those who suffer from seasonal depression, moving to a more soothing environment and a sunnier place can impact your well-being and truly make you happier.


Life is too short to spend it in jobs that we absolutely can’t stand, especially in toxic workplaces that drain our energy. If this is your biggest source of stress and unhappiness, moving alone won’t do much.

But if you’re moving to a new city because of a new job, then moving makes more sense and could make you more content.

Don’t forget that work-life balance is important wherever you are, no matter if the job is new and exciting, or you’ve been in the same position for some time.

Financial Stressors

Stress due to financial problems is a real and existential problem that you can battle by relocating. With the cost of living skyrocketing, it’s not uncommon for people, especially those with bigger families, to seek a city or a remote place where they can comfortably live no matter their financial condition.

Living in expensive places like New York City isn’t always necessary, nor possible. Moving to a smaller, less populated town can be a pretty quick fix to your financial situation. You’d be surprised at the peace of mind you will have in a less crowded place, too. 

Moving Does Have the Possibility of Making You Happier

Before you make a choice, consider all of the reasons why you wish to move. Is it possible to solve any of these issues in your current area, and how do you believe relocating will affect your quality of life?

Find the source of your dissatisfaction and see what you can accomplish from there. The number of miles you’ve gone has little to do with major life changes. It all starts with you, and moving can only help you get there