Buying a Luxury Wristwatch: The Rich History of Panerai

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Wearing necklaces and earrings can make you look sophisticated. But pairing it with a wristwatch can spice up your overall appearance. Aside from its impact on your overall style, it also serves an important function. You wear timepieces to keep track of your time which is of great help when following a hectic schedule. If you want to level up your collection of watches, you are now probably planning to buy from luxury brands. 

Something that will last a long time to the extent that it can transfer from one generation to the next. But since there are a lot of options in the market with varying shapes and sizes, what brand would capture your heart? Do you prefer watches with leather straps, bold cases, minimal dials, and oversized hour makers? If yes, Panerai timepieces are for you!

What is a Panerai Watch?

Panerai watch is among the most popular luxury brands manufactured by an Italian company. The majority of watch collectors love this brand because it has big numbers unlike any other brands in the market. This size was common a few decades ago so it brings memories from the past when you use it. Besides that, the strong identity of its manufactured watches can easily attract people to the room. 

When it comes to quality, these watches will not disappoint you. The company ensures that it provides only high end-products. It crafts them carefully and manufactures them to a beautifully high degree. However, this kind of quality they produce comes with an expensive price tag. You are not only buying the product for style or functionality but ultimately the status symbol it radiates. 

Before identifying the model you want to buy, you must first know the history behind the product. In this way, you will feel a sense of pride when wearing and showing it to other people.

The journey of Panerai watches

The name of the brand came from Giovannie Panerai. He was an Italian watchmaker who started manufacturing Panerai watches in 1860. He opened a tiny watchmaking shop in Florence to offer watches. The size of it was far different from how big the company is now. It is large enough to offer products worldwide. Aside from it being a tiny shop, it also served as a school meant to educate people on the process involved in manufacturing timepieces. After over 40 years, he started making timepieces for the Royal Italian Navy. 

Introduction of Radiomir

The Royal Italian Navy wanted a watch that was water-resistant, easy to read, large, and luminous. Since Giovannie noticed an unbelievable demand for his products from the navy, he then manufactured Panerai Radiomir. It was the product that the navy was looking for at that time. Its precision and dials gave rise to an even greater military demand.

To manufacture Radiomir, The company asked Rolex for a water-resistant case. Then, the latter enlarged its Oyster case to give Panerai what it was looking for.  Its appearance mimics that of Rolex Oyster watches. The only difference was its size. Two years after manufacturing it, the company unveiled new products. These were watches with sandwich dial and overlapping plates to make reading time easier

Became one of the mainstream watches

After world war II, the contract between the company and the navy ended. It forced it to open its watches to the public in Italy. But due to its sheer size, people saw that it was uncomfortable to wear. As a result, the demand for its products was not great.  In 1972, it offered new collections, namely Luminor and Mare Nostrum. These watches caught the attention of Sylvester Stallone, an actor who wore them during his movie. He loved the overall style of the watches that he even asked the company to make more for him. As the company heeded his request, he bought several pieces and gave them to his friends in America.

Relaunched of Panerai with Vendome group

John Rupert, the owner of Vendome Group adored Panerai’s rich history and strong relationship with Rolex. So he willingly spent about $1 million to acquire Officine Panerai in 1997.  He launched a new collection with an inscription on the back and used the alphabet as a watch number. The launching had a phrase Laboratorio di Idee which means Italian for laboratory ideas. The brand selected it as a way to show its unwavering commitment to research and innovation.

With the continuous mainstream popularity of the brand, it gained an exceptional number of users. They were passionate enough to talk about their watches. The company made a group composed of these people and named it Paneristi. This group had a great demand for the company’s limited collections, such as California Dial Radiomir with only 1936 pieces in the global market. 

Nowadays, the company continuously takes advantage of its marine history and existing partnerships. Because of this, it was able to gain international fame, In fact, it now has 75 stores in different countries.

Take a look at some of Panerai watch models

  1.  Radiomir

The company made the design of the Radiomir similar to their first released collection for the Royal Italian Navy in 1936. Its simplicity makes checking of timeless complicated. It only has a large case, a winding crown without crown guards, and a pair of large hands. There are models under this collection that have additional functions, such as a Power Reverse indicator.

  1.  Luminor

The Luminor is popular as a wristwatch with extreme water resistance. It also has a large cushion-shaped case and a winding crown protected by a slightly circular piece. If you want your wristwatch to function not just as a time teller, this collection offers a wide array of additional functions.

  1. Submersible 

The Submersible is the modern dive watch of the company. Since it’s mostly for underwater use, it has high water resistance ratings. Its design is somewhat vintage with a rotating timing bezel and 

In a Nutshell

Buying your first luxury wristwatch can be nerve-wracking. Of course, you would want to wear the best timepiece in the watch industry. The kind of wristwatch that other people can easily recognize. Well, wearing a Panerai wristwatch can give you that. Its popularity is all over the world. It can also tell so much about your fashion sense and love for constant innovation.