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Usually when you think of tea, it is obvious that we imagine a drink black, brown in colour. But have you ever thought of a tea which has an electric blue colour to exist? It can also change colours and is caffeine free. 

The tea is called blue tea commonly and is made up of butterfly blue pea flowers. It is made when the butterfly blue pea flowers are infused in hot water, giving a bright blue colour to the tea. This blue herbal tea is actually a tisane. Tisane is a herbal concoction which is made from the infusion of herbs. The fact that it can change its colour sets it apart from others. Its extraordinary ability to change colour according to the change in pH like a mood ring. By adding just a few drops of lemon juice the bright blue coloured tea transforms to a mesmerizing purple colour. The beautiful colors mixed with the benefits of Jasmine Tea makes it a loved one too!On mixing a few leaves of hibiscus, you will get a magnificent red. 

Blue tea has recently gained a lot of popularity because of its various health benefits. Blue tea has a lot of health benefits to boast along with its pleasing aesthetics. Unlike teas, it is not made of the tea plant Camellia sinensis. To imbibe more such benefits of varied teas check out these great, aromatic wholesale tea collections.


Ayurveda has had mentions of blue tea since long. The Journal of Ethnopharmacology said “it has been used for centuries as a memory enhancer, nootropic, antistress, anxiolytic, antidepressant, anticonvasculant, tranquilising and sedative agent.” 


Obesity is a disorder which is getting more common day by day. Obesity gives rise to many other health disorders like hypertension, high blood cholesterol, acidity, diabetes and many more. There is a lot of awareness regarding the health effects of obesity and people are finding ways to lose weight. A crucial part of the weight losing trend is drinking teas. Blue tea might just be the latest tea for weight loss. 

A study in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders says that blue tea fights against the fatty liver disorder hence, helping in weight loss. 

The compound in epigallocatechin gallate (EECG) present in blue tea boosts metabolism and accelerates calorie burning. Making it a potent weight loss beverage. 

The antioxidants present in blue tea have diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties which help to shed the water weight which accumulated as a result of water retention and detoxify the body. 


The Journal Phytomedicine has findings that reveal the antipyretic properties and similar medicinal properties to Paracetamol like reducing fever and relieving pain. Blue tea aids in reducing fever by making the blood vessels which lie underneath the skin to dilate or expand which helps to radiate out the heat more efficiently by increasing blood hence, bringing down body temperature.  


Disorders like stress, depression and anxiety have been on rise in recent times. The reason for this increase is the lifestyle. Since ancient times, blue tea is used to relieve stress since it has an adaptogenic effect on the body. 

The antioxidants present in blue tea help in relaxing your nerves, ensuring a deep sleep. They also help to lighten your mood. The tea not only pleases the eyes by its aesthetics but also the nerves. 


Diabetes is a disorder where blood sugar levels are abnormally high because of under secretion or production of insulin. About 1.6 million people have died from diabetes in 2016. There isn’t a particular cure for diabetes but a study shows that blue tea is effective for people with diabetes in regulating their blood sugar level. It is advised to consume blue tea in between two meals to keep blood sugar levels in check. It inhibits the absorption of excess glucose from the food. 


There is a rise in cardiac related disorders recently as a result of the modern lifestyle. Junk food plays a major role in promoting cardiac ailments. The antioxidants present in blue tea help to keep your heart healthy. Cholesterol causes various heart diseases like Atherosclerosis. Blue tea has been proven in reducing blood cholesterol. It also prevents diseases like Hyperlipidemia (abnormally blood lipid levels). Blue tea has shown considerable reduction in Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. 


Why would you go supplements when you’ve got all the necessary antioxidants your body requires in blue tea?

Blue tea is filled with antioxidants, it is the only herbal tea or tisane with comparable levels of antioxidants to green tea. The International Research of Journal of Pharmacy published a study that says that the amount of antioxidants sufficient enough to fight against disease causing inflammation. 

An antioxidant- Proanthocyanidin, present in blue tea protects against damage done to cells by the free radicals. Free radicals are the cause of low immunity, chronic inflammation and various diseases including cancer. 

Blue tea also has anesthetic properties which have been utilized since ages to relieve from pain and swelling. It is capable of relieving both internal as well as external inflammation. Flavonoids present in blue tea helps to build immunity and helps to fight against infections. 

There are numerous benefits of blue tea like 

  1. It helps to tackle premature greying and male pattern baldness.
  2. It has anti-ageing properties.
  3. Improves brain health.
  4. It helps in bettering eye health.