Bio FUEL Fireplaces

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When the bio fuel is burned, it really does releases very little carbon dioxide. This leaves no soot and also no smoke or mess. This means that for this fireplace you don’t actually need a chimney for the smoke, because there is not any!

This fact is a huge advantage. Wo want to add a fireplace to their homes which have no chimney this might be it. Installing the chimney is expensive and very complicated but with this fireplace you don’t really need to do any of that.

In addition to this there is also no issue of cleaning up as the bio ethanol fuel fireplace is used which can be a huge relief for a lot of people. Anyone with a traditional fireplace will understand this.


Being without smoke, it is an eco-friendly option. To give more context to this, bio fuel itself is made from plant extracts, making it a really healthier option with cleaner burning than fossil fuels which are traditionally used in fireplaces


Bioethanol fireplace is the only alternative to the traditional gas based fireplaces, if you want real flame and heat. Other heating options are also available such as electrical fireplaces but they don’t provide real flames. Bio fuel fireplaces does produces real flame and proper heat as it is burning. Also having no chimneys is a game changer.