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Cold outside, cozy inside, sitting on warm and soft plush carpet with a mug of coffee makes a perfect evening for you. Whenever a fancy of room in winters or cold popped in mind, the image remains piecemeal without the fixture of carpet. Isn’t it true? In cold places carpets are not only a piece of decor but their primary purpose is creating warmth and comfort. Many factors contribute towards choice of carpets suitable for cold climate. Most of them are type of material or fiber, their making, dark shades and patterns. Most celebrated carpet type is Woolen Carpet and most appreciated make is the thickest layer with longest threads as possible. These characteristics may accumulate in Turkish and Persian carpets. We have brought some other factors stentorian best carpets in cold for your take a look and select of your choice.  

Minimalistic Carpets

Synthetic fibers produce warm flicker when a living body come in touch with it. They are soft as well and make your skin feel good without producing extra temperature. It just keeps your temperature in room. Nor it transmits any other temperature nor it absorbs, so the heat of your body or heat you produced by any other source retains in the room.These carpets can be handled easily if the  carpet cleaning is done right

Patch work Carpets

Centuries back people in rustic back grounds and nomads feel irked for heavy and extended colds. They have to move from place to place in search of warm climate. They are always in state of migration from colder place to warmer one. Then they start using there pieces of clothes with mixture of their sheep and goat skin, sewed together as a sheet. They started using these sheets as floor coverings and curtains. At present knotted sheet of various bright colors’ cloth patches is known as patch carpet. Patch carpets are popular choice in abstract style as well as in traditional interiors for cold rooms. These densely knotted carpets do not let air and cold pass through it. Rug cleaning plays a vital role because due to which carpet or rugs can be used for a longer period of time.

Scandinavian Carpets

Scandinavian carpets are especially contrived carpets for cold environment. These carpets are may made up of pure wool or mixture of wool with synthetic fibers. They are usually color less and there gray or white surface make them fit for cold indoor.

Kashmiri Silk Carpets

Kashmiri carpets are known as choice of rich people, as they are exotic and expensive.  Fraction of Knotted silk threads make your feet feel cozy and warm. Their patterns carry flowers and buds of pulsating   color. They are traditional handmade, in traditional hair looms of Kashmiri people. While weaving these silk carpets they also mix warmth of pride and love of their culture and tradition.

Animal Skin Carpets

In mountainous areas with glaciers carpets made up of skin of polar animals are best choice. Skin of polar bear, rangier and Marcher are banned but they have been in use for a long time. These carpets are not recommended but just came as a type of carpet best for cold climate.