Benefits of Switching to Neem Wooden Comb

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Using a wooden comb is far better than using a toxic plastic comb and it becomes a boon for hair care when the wood used for making the comb has come from a Neem tree. Neem itself is known for its antiseptic properties and plays a vital role in the history of Ayurveda. It is one of the beneficial medicinal plants that offer us multiple health benefits. From our ancestors to our parents, we all have heard them talk about the advantages of neem. It is now used in skincare products for its obvious benefits. We all must have heard about neem oil, neem powders, neem pills, etc but TNW- The Natural Wash has neem comb which can cure numerous scalp related problems.

TNW Neemb comb

We all have heard about the different products of neem, but neem comb was quite new for me. I was curious to know more about the product. So, I got one Neem comb for myself. It is a non-plastic comb and made up of wood. This eco- friendly concept of TNW- The Natural Wash took my heart. As this is natural it has several benefits. In this time, when pollution and infections are on its peak, it is important to give up on chemical and artificial things and rather move towards natural products.

Benefits of TNW Neemb Comb

Neem has anti-bacterial properties and helps to prevent all fungal infections. Many of us face fungal infections on our scalp, this neem comb helps you to prevent such infections. It maintains the blood circulation which ultimately promotes the healthy growth of your hair by reducing hair fall and dandruff. This amazing comb can make your hair fuzz-free and straight. You must try this natural neem comb from TNW.