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Just like any other industry, the trends in the fashion industry keep changing. Something comes in with the season and then as the season changes, it goes out of style. The same is true for leather jackets. The thing is that a lot of men really love to wear them. The only thing is that they are very confused about wearing them in 2020. Are leather jackets in style? Can they bring out their leather gear and show it off without looking completely out of place? The reason why men love their leather jackets is that they don’t buy jackets; they buy the image that the jackets create. It could be Marlon Brando looking like a million bucks or it could be Brad Pitt looking sexy.

Another problem that men have is that leather jackets have a certain image associated with them. How can men wear these jackets without looking like something out of a rock n’ roll movie? How can they ditch the rebellious image and still pull a leather jacket off? Nobody wants people to think that they are going through a mid-life crisis. Let’s face it; a teenager can wear whatever he wants to wear, but if you’re a teenager’s dad, then you have to be careful about what you put on.

The answer: It’s all about the context. Whether your leather jacket looks cool or not depends on what type of jacket you wear, how you wear it, and where you wear it. If you take care of these things, then yes; you can definitely rock a leather jacket. If you own one, great. If you don’t own one, there are some great leather jacket stores that you can visit online and buy yourself one. 

Here are the types of leather jackets that you can wear in 2020 and look your best.

Classic biker

This is the most loved and the most sought-after leather jackets of all. Everybody knows what they look like. Even if you’ve never owned a bike, it is a safe bet that you have owned a classic biker jacket. This look was first created by Schott NYC; a leather legend. It was created specifically for Harley Davidson in 1928 and was aptly named ‘Perfecto’. The name came from the founder’s favourite cigars. This jacket is easily recognizable due to its cropped body, larger than life lapels, a diagonal zip, a belt (yes), and front pockets (4 of them). If your jacket is missing any of these things then you don’t have a proper biker jacket.

Cafe racer

If the classic biker jacket is not your forte then don’t worry. We have got other options for you. One of your options is a café racer jacket. This jacket is named after lightweight motorcycles were used in and around London during the 1960s. These bikes are powerful and optimized for speed and handling. People used them to cover short distances quickly.

The jackets, just like the bike, have a clean-cut look. You can say that it looks almost like a bomber jacket. If you are dying to get into the whole leather jacket world but don’t feel up to the classic biker jacket type, then this is the one for you. The best part is that you don’t need to have a separate ensemble for this type of jacket. You can mix and match it with various outfits and looks and it will still look great on you.

Aviator and bomber jackets

Who said that only bikers get to wear leather jackets? Nobody, that’s who. Whether you are on two wheels or you are on two wings, you get your own type of leather jacket. For a long time, those who chose to become champions of the skies have been wearing jackets to fight off the cold and look cool while doing it. 

With time, two different styles of leather jackets emerged in the market. The first one was the classic bomber jacket and the second was the aviator jacket. Both are big and keep you warm while providing you with the freedom of movement that airmen require. The difference is that the aviator has a sheepskin lining and it can be buckled if you want more cosiness. While the bomber has a round, knitted collar. 

If you want the looks and the comfortable feel then these are the ones that you should go for. They are both highly functional in the winter and you can wear them with your best winter clothing. They work with denim, Womens ugg boots, and other winter clothes. You might be persuaded to pair them up with aviator sunglasses but we don’t recommend it.

Leather field jacket

The leather field jacket is the British counterpart of the classic biker jacket. Remember that biker gangs and rebels are not the only ones riding motorcycles. There were others too. When bikes became the rage, they were mostly used by adventurers and young adults who wanted nothing better than a fast motorcycle underneath them and the wind in their hair. The leather field jacket is specifically designed for that purpose. It has four pockets just like the classic biker jacket and a press-stud with a zipper to keep you warm. It also has a tonal belt at the waist. The reason why this jacket is trending and has always been in fashion is that you can pair it up with almost anything.

Bringing It All Together

So, here are the leather jackets that are trending in 2020. Depending on your overall wardrobe, you can choose any one or more of these and they won’t disappoint you.

Which one do you like?