Are Free Essays Available Online Safe?

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Despite some reservations by students concerning the safety of getting assignments done online, the trend is on the rise. More students are hiring ghostwriters, but there is always the fear of whether they will get caught. To quench this fear, we will guide you on how to get free, safe, and cheat-proof papers online.

It is challenging for students to know the right process of acquiring essays, but there are ways to make things right.

Essays are safe if they are written from scratch by professionals. The safety depends on where you got the piece from and your intended purpose. Obtaining essays from public databases is very risky, and you risk getting caught. However, you should be cautious about everything which is not as easy as it appears.

So how do you get essays online safely?

  1. Stay anonymous online

Students understand the need to stay anonymous online but sometimes share subtle details of where they learn. If you don’t remain unknown, it is easy for an essay order to trace back to you. Therefore, choosing an essay writing service, select a site that takes every possible measure to keep your information private. When your personal information is exposed, it can be very damaging to your academic journey.

Good writing services use third parties to get essays for you for the sake of full anonymity.

  1. Keep your school details private

Always keep your school details private when sharing documents with prospective writers. Blot out the references to your college or any other information that can trace back to you, your lecturer, or your school.

  1. Avoiding Public Wi-Fi or Networks

In this digital age, everything you do on the internet leaves a footprint. Anyone determined to unmask your internet travels can do so by following your track and checking correspondences between you and an essay writing service. 

There are many ways of masking your digital footprint. You hide your print using a VPN or by using a private network. This hides your IP address so that it does not trace to you.

  1. Plagiarism

Avoid plagiarism at all costs, as this will negatively impact your grades. When getting free essays, it is better to use them as research material. This is because some free essay writing services recycle content. On the contrary, custom essay writing sites hire professionals for their services. Top writing services do not allow plagiarism from their writers. They are immediately dismissed in the event of plagiarism.

Where to find free essays online

Shockingly, there are still many students who do not know where to get free essays in the modern era. Writing academic papers is now so much easier as you have a wide array of information at your disposal. You can find free essay examples and samples at custom writing services along with various resources like:

  • Online Library archives in universities
  • Advanced search sources like Reddit. You can publish a post on Reddit with an argument and counterargument, and of course, people will comment on it and try to march up wits with other guys on the comment section. This will give you free arguments to consider.
  • Your social media accounts allow you to interact with professionals, and you can join thematic groups and ask for help.
  • You can ask your colleagues to help you with research, restructuring, and proofreading your essay.
  • You can also check Q&A forums like Quora to check information. You can again ask questions there, and people can contribute with anything related to your topic.
  • You can also join writing research forums. Fellow writers often post discussion topics in their forums. You can also get help with editing, counter-arguments, and revisions.

Many good essay writing services give good quality papers. It is a student’s choice whether to employ those services or not. One needs to take into account all the possible benefits and risks when choosing an essay writing service.

Free Essay Writing tools

Many free essay writing tools can improve your writing. 

These include:

  • Plagiarism Checkers. These check the percentage of plagiarism in a document and highlight the plagiarized areas.
  • Grammar Checkers. Grammar checkers are free excellent tools that allow you to submit impeccable copy free of errors
  • Unlimited search databases. Depending on your research topic and work scope, you can find free resources online that give you the most relevant material on your case.
  • Citations. Some free resources generate automated sources at the click of a button.
  • Essay downloads. You can enjoy unlimited access to free essay downloads for use as research material on numerous platforms.
  • Auto-writing suggestion tools. These tools help you finish your sentences automatically, making your writing process faster and easier.

Is Using Free Essays Plagiarism?

Observation and imitation are potent ways of learning, and there is nothing wrong with replicating strategies to sharpen technical skills. You can always perform a task better and faster if you have an example to work from. Instead of breaking new ground in science, you can use the free essay samples as a road map to get the best returns.

However, there is a thin line between ‘inspired by’ and ‘copied from.’ Pasting large chunks of a free essay to your paper is the wrong way to go. Getting away with plagiarism is not easy. There are a few countermeasures you can employ to avoid unwarranted plagiarism accusations.

  1. Use quotation marks for all direct quotes
  2. Paraphrase all indirect quotes
  3. Give credit to all sources and authors used
  4. Do not cite the free samples
  5. Choose the best sources from the bibliographies and cite the primary sources

There are valuable resources in free essays that can speed up your research. You can get the best formats and learning outcomes from them.

Observing and imitating work done by experts can be instrumental.

Research using free samples of essays online is an excellent way to facilitate your workload. A thorough investigation on the internet will pay off as you can get very many resources to assist you with your journey.