Applying For Subclass 887 Visa? Here Are The Checklist You Need To Watch out

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The Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 has been designed for special category applicants. People who have stayed and worked in specified areas of regional Australia on a substantial visa before can apply. This Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 is primarily meant for those who have worked in specified regional Australia to apply for an Australian PR.

Fundamental Eligibility Requirements

There are certain eligibility requirements, meeting which you can become eligible for the permanent Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887). A comprehensive checklist of these eligibility requirements can be considered below.

  • You must comply with the relevant character and health requirements
  • You must have worked on a full-time basis in a specified regional area of Australia for at least one year.
  • You should have resided in a specified regional area of Australia for two years at least 
  • You should have held a substantial visa for at least two years before lodging your 887 visa application.
  • You should hold an eligible visa while applying for your 887 visa subclass and
  • You should be inside Australia when applying for your permanent Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass  887)

If you’re thinking that the checklist of eligibility requirements ceases here, then you’re completely wrong. This is because you must comply with some other eligibility requirements as well.

Additional Eligibility Requirements 

A checklist comprised of the other eligibility requirements of the Subclass 887 Visa can be considered below.

  • Debt Requirement: You should have repaid or should made relevant arrangements to repay your potential debts to the Australian government.
  • No Visa Cancellation/Refusal: You shouldn’t have a record of a previous Australian visa being cancelled or refused.
  • Character Requirement: You should meet the pertinent character requirement without a miss.
  • Health Requirement: You should comply with the pertinent health requirement as well
  • Work and Stay in Australia:  You should have worked and lived in a regional designated area or low-population growth area in Australia. 
  • Hold Certain Visas for Permanent Residency: Do you wish to attain an Australian Permanent Residency with your 887 visa? Then you hold certain visas like the visa subclass 487, 475, 496, 495 or 489 etc. previously. Alternatively, you should be the holder of a Bridging Visa A or B after lodging application for the visa subclass 489, 487 or 495 visa.
  • Employment in Specified Regional Australia: If you are applying for the visa, you should have worked in specified regions of Australia for a year at least. The tenure should not be less than a year.
  • Stayed in Specified Regional Australia: You should have stayed in a specified regional area of Australia. The duration of your stay should at least be two years and not less.

Remember that before applying for your 887 visa you must have held a skilled visa for at least two years for a certain while. Partners and dependants can also apply for the 887 visa subclass as the chief applicant. To become eligible, they must be the holder of a skilled visa. Besides, they must also meet all the eligibility requirements effectively.

Benefits of the Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887

The Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887) is apt for those who wish to attain a Permanent Residency in Australia. After your 887 visa is approved, you can do the following things with this visa.

  • Sponsor relatives eligible for several permanent and temporary Australian visas.
  • You can apply for an Australian citizenship only if you are considered eligible 
  • You can also apply for Medicare, the most popular health care scheme in Australia
  • You are eligible to travel to and from the Australian soil continuously for five years, right from the time your visa gets approved.
  • You can study and work in Australia without any restrictions imposed and 
  • Live in Australia for an indefinite period of time

Are any of your eligible family members included in the application of your 887 visa?  Then, each of them will get same the rights and privileges mentioned above.

Processing time of the Visa Subclass 887

The 887 Visa Processing Time includes two different categories. According to these categories, 75% of the applications are processed within a time period of 10 months. Conversely, 90% of the applications are processed within a time-frame of fifteen months. Presently, the Australian Immigration Department is evaluating applications submitted prior to September, 2020.

Where should you apply from?

You have to reside within Australia while applying for 887 visa and when a decision is taken on your visa.

Cost of the visa subclass 887

At present, the cost of the 887 visa is starting from AUD 415. Aside the main application charge, you will be required to pay some additional costs as well.

 Documents required for the Skilled Regional Visa 887

There are some specific documents which you must provide to the Department of Home Affairs. Submission of these credentials will prove that you’ve met your 887 visa requirements successfully. A checklist of each of these documents has been outlined below for you.

  • All your identity documents
  • Your pertinent character documents
  • Your pertinent relationship documents
  • Documents which prove your functional English
  • All your residence and work documents
  • The relevant documents of your partner
  • Documents of your dependants under 18
  • Documents for dependants above 18

After you have gathered all your documents, it’s time for you to prepare them accordingly. Make sure that all your non-English credentials are translated into English. Besides, scan and photograph all your non-English and English documents into a coloured format. Note that each of the photos and scans should appear out-and-out clear. If a document contains multiple pages, save it in the form of a single file. Aside, none of your documents has to be certified at all.

What aboutyour Family? 

You can also include certain family members in the application of your 887 visa subclass. They include the following:

  • Your spouse or de facto partner
  • The child of your de facto partner or spouse or
  • The step child of your spouse or de facto partner

Your family members are entitled to the sane rights and privileges just like you.

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