AOL Desktop Gold Common Problems and their solutions

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Due to the less available information about AOL desktop Gold, the users of it find arduous to resolve the issues they encounter while using this all-in-one software. If we take ourselves way back in the 90s, AOL was ruling the market with its tremendous products and awesome services. There was no other brand that stands with it. But due to its old user interface and products, companies like Google and Yahoo have taken over it. But as a matter of fact, it still has a huge customer base with over millions, who have been using AOL as daily chores.

Briefing the Software

Let me start by giving you a brief about it. AOL Desktop Gold is an all-in-one premium software that lets a user navigate AOL seamlessly. You can send an email, play games, browser internet, read news and get your hands on almost every AOL product. If you haven’t yet done AOL Gold download, then do it right away and subscribe to its premium subscription. 

For all those users who want to read an all-in-one guide to fix common AOL gold problems have landed on the right webpage. Here, we have written easy DIY methods which will help you get rid of those issues in minutes only. You can now use your AOL desktop Gold without any worry. 

Common Problems with Solutions

The errors of software are easily solvable. Some of them are discussed below:- 

#Software Downloading Error

If you have taken the AOL membership and are unable to download the software, then the below-given points can resolve it. 

  1. System requirement should match
  2. Remove suspicious files from your computer using an Antivirus. 
  3. Delete all the cache, cookies of your web browser

#AOL mail missing Issue

Is any important mail missing from the mailbox? If yes, then find the relevant solution below.

  1. Make sure you have a good internet connection
  2. Check your spam folder.
  3. Talk to an expert for an instant help

#AOL Gold not responding

Is your AOL Gold not responding to your commands? If yes, then fix the issue using the below-given steps. 

  1. Try to restart your computer.
  2. Remove junk files and suspicious folders using antivirus software on your computer.
  3. If none of the actions work then consider reinstallation of the software. 

#Unable to Update AOL Gold

AOL gold is set to update through the automated process. However, the feature sometimes stops working and compels you to do it through the manual method. In such a case, you can simply update your Desktop Gold manually. If you need any kind of help to perform this procedure then you can simply talk to the experts and they will assist you to update it manually. 

#AOL Mail date import and export

We recommend you check your manual guide to know how to import and export the mail. If there is no data available there, then simply contact AOL experts.

An alternative to fix AOL Gold Issues

AOL offers instantaneous help to those who have its premium subscription. They are always available to help needy customers. All you need is to get in touch with them via the right platform. You can make use of their round the clock toll-free number, live chat, email, and a few more options are available. You can get all your doubts and queries resolved in minutes only. They have got years of experience and are well-versed with every ins and outs of Desktop Gold. Regardless of the query, you have, whether it is related to AOL Desktop Gold download or its subscription plan, you can ask them for instant help anytime.