Animal Kingdom – A Complete Guide And More

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Animal Kingdom is regarded as an essential system in the context of analyzing how all sorts of living organisms are indeed associated. They are known for being completely goes on with the Linnaeus method. These species are categorized based on their specific characteristics.

What about the Animals and Plants  

When it talks about the world, there are millions of living organisms available. Moreover, you may be surprised to know that some are still not discovered. Talking about the living organism, they are known to us include plants, microorganisms, animals, and so on. The fact cannot be ignored that they do bring excellent diversity. Apart from it, some specific characteristics are quite similar among the organism groups. This is how they bind them together. 

Classification of animals does play a major role in understanding their characteristics along with their differences following other organisms. Talking about the best-known organism, they are called animals. To put it scientifically, they are known for being grouped under the Kingdom Animalia. They are ideally known as the Animal Kingdom.

How Many Types Of Animal Kingdoms

Have you been wondering about the animal kingdoms? All prominent organisms can easily be placed in one of 6 different animal kingdoms indeed. It could be categorized into prominent size categories such as Animal, plants, fungi, Protista, eubacteria, and archaebacteria. 

Brief Information About Kingdom Animalia

You probably are curious to know what is the animal kingdom, what the special qualities of Animal Kingdom and so on. They consist of different types of organisms including the simplest to the complex one. A microscopic organism can also be added. And the animals which you see every day are also added. It means you are also a member of the Animal Kingdom. Your pet dog, cat, and bird will also be called part of Kingdom Animalia. Even the pesky insects you get in your garden are also part of the huge kingdom. 

Following the science language, these all organisms are known to associate to the Kingdom which means the Eukaryotic organism. They are known for being multicellular, holding many cells. The unique thing about these cells is that they do carry any cell walls in them. Talking about another significant point is that they are known for a heterotrophic mode of nutrition that means they are not good at making their food like others can do. 

To understand this term, one also needs to pay a bit of attention to Blood Circulatory System. The blood circulatory system is known for imparting oxygen and nutrients to all available cells in the body of a living organism. It is known for consisting of the heart and the blood vessels running all across the body.

The blood circulatory system is known for imparting nutrients and oxygen to all across the cells available in the body. This entire system is called the cardiovascular system. It carries the heart as well as the blood vessels all around the whole body. The arteries are known for carrying blood and then the veins bring it to the heart once again. The blood vessels are known for resembling a tree. The “trunk” is known for holding the prominent artery having branches into huge arteries leading to smaller vessels. The smallest arteries end small in a small vessel’s network regarded as the capillary network. 

Biggest Animal Kingdom Class

You might be wondering about the biggest animal class. To put it in simple words, insects are regarded as a class of invertebrates. Talking about the characteristics, they have six or three pairs of legs. They hold antennae or feelers to get their food. They have two pairs of wings. Insects do not have lungs but small openings to respirate. 


We hope to have got all your doubts cleared here about kingdom Animalia. Though, this subject seems quite interesting because it is loaded with outstanding facts.