Adding luxury to your home

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What does luxury mean to you?

When people think about adding luxury to their homes, they often think more about buying new and exciting home accessories, such as bespoke pieces, mirrors, or artwork, and less about switching up more practical furniture to suit the style and feel of their home. We get it, who doesn’t love new cushions and candles to create a warm and relaxing homely feel? Or perhaps another houseplant? Please? Pretty please?

Don’t get us wrong, we LIVE for these kinds of accessories. They transform our homes into beautiful and inspiring spaces, and are a great way of expressing our personalities to our friends and family. That being said, we have found that the homes that really knock our socks off are ones that have found ways to add luxury in the most unexpected of places, and that are successful in combining functionality and design. 

Practical and essential everyday items, such as plug sockets, light switches, or radiators, often get overlooked in home makeovers, and once we have them in our homes, we may even try and hide them! We completely understand. Home renovations, whether the project is big or small, can at times be a bit of a whirlwind, and decisions that seem trivial at the time, sometimes turn out to be the most important.

Let’s be honest, are your radiators white? Are they tucked behind the desk, sofa, bed, etc? 

By incorporating these common household fixtures and fittings into your colour schemes, material ranges, and style choices, you can inject that extra bit of luxury into your home. We have found it can be so easy and affordable too, especially when there are so many to choose from, on sites such as

Below we give an overview of our favourite designs for such items, which are sure to take your home to the next level. 

Plug sockets

In today’s world, we are very conscious of the amount of plastic we use and how harmful it can be to the environment. So for appliances such as plug sockets, we suggest choosing metallic or glass sockets. No only are you doing your bit, as these materials can be more easily recycled, but they are also another effortless way to introduce a bit of luxury to your home. They come in multiple colours from copper to rose gold, to silver to chrome and are super easy to match to the colour theme of the rest of your home. 


Just like plug sockets, radiators come in all sorts of colours too. Who knew? Our absolute favourite, though, has to be charcoal grey. Not only does it scream luxury, but the versatility of the colour allows it to match with whatever style your home has, whether pastel comfort, or industrial modernism. But it’s not just about the colours. Radiators come in all sorts of shapes and sizes too, and we have to admit, we are head over heels for the tall, slim radiators that don’t shy away from creating an impactful impression of luxury in your home.