Acrylic vs. Metal Prints: Which Should You Choose?

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Acrylic or metal prints, which one do you prefer? It all comes down to which method makes your photos sparkle and stand out the most. 

Both options create lasting and durable art products with a beautiful aesthetic finish. However, acrylic and metal prints are both so popular that it’s hard to choose between the two. So, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of metal prints and acrylic prints.

Read on to decide whether acrylic vs. metal prints is the right option for your decor project.

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic printing is a popular printing process that offers a stylish way to present prints as wall artwork. There are two different acrylic print methods.

How Acrylic Prints Are Made

In the first process, the photo is printed straight on an acrylic material. The light deflects onto the acrylic glass, giving the resulting print excellent photo quality. The back of the image has a white cover seal.

The second process involves printing the picture on top-rate photo paper. The frame features aluminum deadlocks, which offer visual depth and help hang the image on the wall. This method is complex and costly but results in a vibrant, fade-resistant image.

Pros and Cons of Acrylic Prints

One key benefit of acrylic prints is their UV shielding effect, preventing sunlight from fading the photo. As a result, acrylic prints create vibrant pictures with a sleek, modern appearance. They’re also more durable than other printing methods.

Acrylic prints are pretty expensive, and their contemporary-style doesn’t suit the more traditional home decor. In addition, many people don’t like the glare acrylic prints have. Also, delivery can be costly since the resulting image can be heavy.

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Metal Prints

People make metal prints by placing a foam center within two sheets of aluminum. Dye sublimation is the primary method of creating metal prints. They print the picture right over the metal, giving you a permanent product that won’t fade.

Pros of Metal Prints 

Most manufacturers of metal prints use aluminum because it’s cheap and lightweight. In addition, they feature a frameless layout, providing images with a clean, modern look. The main advantages of metal prints are their low-cost price and vibrant color.

Metal prints show the beauty of any photo, boosting the appeal of an average image. In addition, metal prints are durable due to the fact they’re made of long-lasting material.

Cons of Metal Prints

Metal prints have a weatherproof, premium surface and don’t reflect the light. As a result, they can be expensive, and they may fade in direct sunlight. In addition, not all images work well as metal prints.

Unlike with a standard photo frame, you can’t change out your images. So you need to choose a picture you’re confident you’ll enjoy in the long term.

Also, metal prints are heavier compared to other prints because of their rigid elements. Therefore, you have to use the most suitable hooks when fastening them to the wall.

Choose Between Acrylic vs. Metal Prints

Metal and acrylic prints are frameless print choices that give you a modern look. Acrylic prints are vibrant and cost-effective. On the other hand, metal prints offer you lustrous image quality at a premium price.

When choosing between the two, you need to consider your budget and desired finish. You also need to consider which photo printing company provides the best service, prices, and products.

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