A Guide to Men’s Underwear

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Underwear for men can be more exciting than just those classic white briefs. While classic underwear is necessary, there are so many more innerwear styles men can discover and explore. 

Types of Men’s Underwear 

These days, there are various types of gent’s underwear available in the market, and you can choose to sport a different style each day of the week and still have more styles to choose from. In this guide to men’s innerwear, we have described every style so that you can choose the style that works best for you. Read on:

. Briefs:

Briefs are everyday, go-to underwear available in a huge variety of designs and rises that are good for going out and light sports. They cover the front and rear and do not put any constraint or coverage on your legs or thighs. This type of underwear offers a relaxed fit no matter what you choose to wear over them. This innerwear is available in all cuts, such as low, medium, and high-rise, and can accentuate the profile and backside. Briefs do not cover the thigh and the side of the thigh. There is no excess fabric, and they fit perfectly if worn under tight-fitting clothing.

. Boxer Briefs:

In 1992, Calvin Klein introduced a style of men’s underwear that has come to be known as boxer briefs. This durable and popular style of men’s underwear can also be termed as “briefs plus.” A typical boxer brief is a midrise brief that extends down to cover about half the thigh. There are some brands of boxer briefs that only cover about one-third of the thigh. Boxer briefs offer the same amount of support as briefs with ample coverage and are great for everyday use.

. Boxer Shorts:

Boxer shorts style of men’s innerwear was trendy in the 1920s and have now made a comeback to the fashion scene. These underwear are usually made out of stiff fabric, and they have a balloon seat, which is a piece of loose fabric at the back to accommodate the rear when the person wearing them bends forward. Gripper boxes are innerwear that have an elastic waistband with three or four snaps on the fly and waistband so that the shorts can open up fully. Yoke front boxers come without snaps on the fly and include a waistband that can be opened completely. For men who are allergic to elastic, yoke front boxers have a drawstring on the side.

. Trunks:

Trunks are turning out to be a popular option in men’s underwear. They are a cross between a boxer brief and a brief, in the sense that they do not have a lot fabric as one finds in boxer briefs. Trunks have short legs with a square-cut appearance. You should try trunks if you want to try something different. Calvin Klein introduced trunks in the year 1999, and they have been around since then. They have turned into a popular option in men’s underwear as they offer the necessary support and enough coverage for casual wear.

. Jockstraps

The underwear called jockstrap can also be an athletic supporter, a posing pouch, or a jock. It completely supports and protects the front side but does not have fabric on the backside. C.F. Bennett introduced this style of underwear in 1874 to offer support for bicycle delivery men, also identified as bike jockeys, who rode their bikes over the difficult cobblestone streets of London. A jockstrap is an innerwear with an elastic waistband with two leg bands extending to the glutes and then connecting in-between the legs under the pouch. Cups can be inserted into jockstraps for extra protection during intense sports, such as martial arts and American football. 

. Bikini Briefs

Men’s bikini bottoms are innerwear typically designed without waistbands or flys. They are generally used for sunbathing and recreation. Bikini briefs have more fabric than a jockstrap of a G-string, which makes them more comfortable for popular wear.

. G-Strings

G-strings can be considered the “bare minimum” of men’s innerwear and come with a thin piece of material that links a pouch to the waistband. The rear is left completely exposed. Men who do not want to go commando under tight-fitting jeans have the option to wear G-string underwear, as many consider underwear an important lifestyle statement.


There you have it – a wide variety of options to choose from. You can choose to purchase these styles of underwear from a physical store and also have the option to shop virtually. To shop, virtually all you need to do is type in the keywords mens innerwear onlineand you will be displayed a wide variety of options to choose from.