8 effective mantras to save money on online fashion shopping

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Fashion takes the center stage as the highest-selling industry in the world for online shopping. Men, women, and kids of all ages have attempted shopping for clothes via apps, e-commerce stores, and even Social Media fashion stores. Take a moment to introspect how much money you have spent on online shopping all these years. It may be a hard one to digest. But here’s the good news, the fashion industry is also that one that helps you save the most if you shop right. 

Let us introduce you to extremely clever online shopping hacks you wish you knew before.

Never skip the value of promo codes 

You may be acquainted with promo codes if you are a savvy shopper. Most of the brands have discount codes to encourage you to shop from them, because the truth is, the brand wants the sale as much as you want to make the purchase. With a variety of options for customers to choose from, the brand you’re eyeing needs to give you a steal deal. Voucher codes or promotional codes are a set of particular alphabets or numbers that gives you a discount when applied at checkout. Most of the online stores have these codes, and all you need to do is find them. How will you do that? Yes, you can Google the brand and add “discount code” and press search. For example for the 6th Street Fashion store, you will find the 6th Street Discount Code. If you are a seasoned discount code user, you may already have a coupon site you religiously follow. 

Are you aware of free discount extensions?

Not everyone has had a pleasant experience manually searching discount codes. The odds of finding the coupon code that actually works while ensuring maximum discount to your cart are not entirely 100 percent. Imagine, after browsing for hours you use a voucher code that grants you 5% off when there is a potential for 20! That would be regrettable. So there are ways to avoid that mishap. Google Chrome extensions like CouponBot and Honey automatically deliver the most effective discount code on your cart. Try those. It’s free and helps you save money and time.

Sustainable fashion over fast fashion

Fashion lovers here’s an announcement, thrift shopping is a good idea. Revolution against fast fashion has garnered momentum across the world, and many fashion brands are attempting to rebrand themselves as a sustainable choice. While that may or may not work, thrifting definitely helps. Thrift stores are affordable and oftentimes you bag a steal deal. There is no regret or guilt trip after thrift, right? A power move on your part that renders a win-win situation for your pockets and the planet. 

Follow your favorite fashion brands on Social Media

The easiest way to get first-hand information is to simply follow your favorite brands on Social Media including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. Brands use Social Media to give access to exclusive offers and deals to their loyal followers. As mentioned earlier, brands need your sale as much as you need the product. As a part of their loyalty program, they often do exclusive contests on Social Media and give you chances to enter giveaways. There are high chances of winning if you regularly participate. 

Subscribe to newsletters and turn on notifications

A pop-up to subscribe to newsletters is often turned down. But here’s the secret, the brand’s mailing list is the VIPs to get discounts and deals delivered directly to their inbox before anyone else. Some brands often give you additional discounts for just signing up for their newsletters. If you like the brand and shop regularly from the brand, chances are you will remain engaged with their content. If you don’t like it, and your inboxes are piling up, you can always unsubscribe. If emails are a hassle, then opt to receive notifications. Brands send ‘push notifications’ for apps and the purpose of doing it is to urge you to open the app. Tempting you with grand discounts is often the way. 

Know a good time to purchase

Mark festivities and important holidays, those will help score. Brands run bonanza sales during Christmas, Black Fridays, New Year’s, Cyber Mondays, Eid, Diwali, Easters, and more. Summer sales and winter sales are equally important time to get discounts on items you may immediately need, especially if you’re planning a seasonal vacation. Knowing a right time to make a purchase is a smart shopping skill that will help you save in the long run. Follow your brand’s pattern.

Should you abandon your cart?

Many tips often suggest that abandoning your shopping cart is a classic trick that will fetch you discounts. In a way this works as brands propel you to urgently make the purchase. They will send across email reminders and if you are lucky, you may as well get a discount. However, there are reports of prices increasing instead when your item is abandoned in the cart. This is because the classic trick is now old and brands are just loving the reverse psychology. Should you abandon item in the cart? We suggest wishlisting it instead. Check and compare prices everytime you open the app, and make purchase when feasible. Waiting game isn’t the way the world works now, anyway!

Be the brand’s influencer

You love the brand so there will be no regrets. In a world of Social Media, you will get noticed. As a fashion lover that you are, you definitely have followers getting inspired by your style, why not share the brand’s good name with them? Tag the brand on your posts, and who knows, the brand may just as well notice you and take it further from there. This is not a direct saving tip, but you could give it a shot, you have nothing to lose. 

These 8 golden rules of online shopping can be applied for any industry, not just fashion. We hope you get a grand discount henceforth. You deserve more, so always pay less.