8 delicious snacks that every kid loves

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Kids are always busy doing something which is why they need to stay energetic. They can’t stay on place for second, they are doing something all the time. So, they need the power to pump up and to stay energetic all the time and their belly has to full. As kids are always craving to eat something delicious so this list of 8 snacks from Century Foods is for the kids to satisfy their taste buds and to keep them energetic. 

1. KurMure Time pass

It’s a stick shape crunchy snack which is kids’ favorite. KurMure Time pass from Century Foods is one of the most popular snacks in Nepal.  Kids do love these snacks but KurMure Time pass is also favorite snack of the older generation. When manufacturing KurMure Time pass Century Foods uses high quality corns and spices to give it an authentic taste. And this authentic taste is what makes kids enjoy the KurMure Time pass.

2. Cheese Balls

Who doesn’t like cheesy cheese balls? These cheese balls from Century Foods bring a tingle to your taste buds. It contains zero cholesterol but it rich in calories and carbohydrates which satisfy your craving. You can open the package of cheese balls anywhere and anytime. Or you can even carry these in your bag when you have a tight schedule. This package of cheese balls satisfies your appetite to help you function well.

3. Tropicana Corn Chips BBQ

Tropicana Corn Chips BBQ is a very popular snack in Nepal.  Its sweet and spicy flavor gives wow taste and this is the reason what makes Tropicana Corn Chips BBQ favorite snacks of kids. Kids are always in the favor of spicy foods, they don’t like pain snacks and Tropicana Corn Chips BBQ from Century Foods is exactly what they like. They can enjoy while doing homework or watching their all-time favorite program.

4. Gapa Gup Cheese rings

Gapa Gup Cheese rings are the fun eating snacks that every kid enjoys having it. As this snack is shaped in the ring, kids enjoy putting them on their fingers and taking a bit of the cheese ring from their finger. Kids enjoy eating and playing with these Gapa Gup Cheese rings. Though the taste of Cheese balls and Gapa Gup Cheese rings is almost the same but kids are more into cheese rings as they can play while eating. 

5. King of Chips Cream and Onion

Century Foods has a range of snacks that satisfy the taste of Nepalese. In this wide range of snacks, they have King of chips cream and onion which has a savory taste. Kids enjoy King of Chips Cream and Onion when a dip in cream. Instead of cream, you can also make your own sauce at home by mixing Century tomato sauce and mayonnaise. Dipping chips in this home-made sauce also add flavor that your kids will love.

6. Potato Crackers

As Century Foods is providing top-quality products, Potato Crackers from Century is also one of the popular snacks in Nepal. It’s very obvious that Potato Crackers are kids favorite but they are loved by other generations. You and your kid can enjoy Potato Crackers while watching a movie. Though popcorns are common snacks while watching movie, but when you are at home opening the package of Potato Crackers is much easier than making popcorns. 

7. King Chips Tango Tomato

Tango tomato is a kids’ favorite. Every kid loves King Chips Tango Tomato. Century Foods use high-quality potatoes to make these chips and they used top-quality spices to give a tangy flavor. Perfect snack for your kids when they are annoyed or carving to eat something. You can serve this to your kids when they are doing homework or when their friends visit the house. Once you buy King Chips Tango Tomato from Century Foods, you will definitely buy it again because it tastes amazing.

8. Moon Chips

The shapes of the Moon Chips are a bit different from the chips that Century Foods manufacture. These chips are round and flat, and they are not wavy shape like other chips from Century Foods. Besides shape, they also differ in taste. Moon Chips are crunchy, spicy, and bit heard that other chips that Century Foods produce. 

9. KurMure Chicken

A chicken flavor snacks that kids will eat again and again. In fact, KurMure Chicken has become popular among kids and they are buying them. This chicken flavor snack is a go-to snack for every kid. Once they eat them they will eat again and again because the flavor of KurMure Chicken matches the taste of kids.

Century Foods is producing varieties of food products and each product is doing great in the market. So, you can buy your kid’s favorite snacks without doubting the quality of food products manufactured by Century Foods