8 Bag Styles for The Office Look

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Handbags are everyday essentials whether you are heading to a party or going to work. They work as accessories while offering important functions that make your day easy. Just like your clothes, bags receive immediate glances and attention, which means that you simply can’t work with only one for the rest of your career. There’s a whole world of handbags out there which you should explore if you want to work your office looks for the better. So, what’s in, what’s out, what is essential for your office looks? Let’s find out!  

You shouldn’t always hover over style and sometimes let your needs dictate the size of your bag. You simply can’t squeeze everything in a clutch, can you? That’s why you must think and buy big to stay on top of the game without compromising on what to keep in your bag. So, what do we recommend? The good old Totes such as large round-handle canvas bags, large leather shoulder bags, basket bags, and straw totes for keeping all your essentials and extras. Oversized double loop bags and large black shopping bags work wonders for the mobile office and also look ravishing with pantsuits. 

1. Don’t Underestimate A Backpack

Carrying a backpack may give off adolescent vibes, but only if you don’t choose the right one. Backpacks look great as work bags and can often complement many office looks better than other bags. While custom branded conference bags may get the job done for your outfits most of the days, other options can elevate your looks even more. For instance, the faux leather laptop backpack is a symbol of sleekness, chicness, and structure, especially when you pair it with a sharp blazer and wide-leg pants. Its classic color and roomy compartments make it a perfect choice for a busy day at work.  

2. Take A Minimalist Approach 

From Millennials and GenZs, these days, everyone is about taking the minimalist approach, whether it is their living space or fashion. And why not? When it comes to classic, simple, and clean, the minimalist accessories and style work best even when choosing a bag for the office. Leather shoulder bags, faux leather totes, pleat medium leather tote, and small square tote bags look elegant with almost all types of office outfits and are functional enough to carry it all. We do recommend going for outlandish colors like olive green, burgundy shades, khaki, etc., to bring out the edge in your looks. 

3. Neutral Tones Work Wonders

While a pop of color always brings that refreshing aspect to an otherwise dull office outfit, neutral tones for accessories like bags also go well with the attire. Solid, neutral colors like brown, off-white, tan, black, white, and burgundy are safe choices when avoiding color clashes. If you are going with a bit of a vibrant outfit, a neutral-toned bag like a gorgeous tan tulip shape tote or a two-toned (cream and brown) large shoulder bag will look incredibly chic. Want more inspiration? A classic burgundy leather tote will set the tone for your classic office outfit if you’ve decided to wear a lilac or navy-blue blazer. 

4. Go For Traditional Yet Durable

Why not take a break from choosing between complicated styles and try a bit traditional? If you prefer lightweight yet roomy and durable bags, go for canvas bags. They are versatile and work with almost all types of professional and casual outfits. One of the top favorite handbag styles this season is square-shaped bags, which have beautiful trim, handles, and color base. It is impressively durable, and you can stuff almost anything in it. If you strictly wear the best styles only, the best option for you is to try an off-white small tool tote that looks super stylish and classic. 

5. Leather Is Your Best Friend

Who can say no to leather? Everything looks good in leather, whether it’s a tote, clutch, or shoulder bag. Having three or four leather bags in different shapes, sizes, and colors will set your office wardrobe for the entire season or even year. The choices are endless whether you go for signatures bags or staple pieces. If you prefer roomy and big, the basketweave tote works best and will look aesthetic with a similar black or grey outfit. You can also try a sleek zip-top medium transport leather tote which will redefine your style as it works pretty well for a conference meeting or a formal dinner. Try the vegan-leather luxury satchels; they would be the perfect pair for your boss-getups. 

6. Functionality And Interior Matter

The interior of your go-to office bag matters as much as the size and the style. What’s the use of carrying a larger-than-life bag when it can’t even accommodate your basic items? Therefore, choose a bag that can at least hold a small notebook, your wallet, phones, keys, business cards, and pens. For instance, there are various bags for women that are not only a beautiful sight for sore eyes but also have almost 15 inner pockets as well as space for a 17-inch laptop! Another handbag style that will steal all the attention at work is the tall structured leather tote bag that is not only a work of art but can also fit a 15-inch laptop. 

7. Give Laptop Bags A Try

You’ve tried everything from totes to backpacks, then why not give laptop bags a try? Sure, they may not look as sassy as designer bags, but have you ever tried a multi-pocket work tote bag? They come in phenomenally beautiful colors, the space is impressive, and they come with adjustable straps. Another example of fashion with functionality in the world of handbags is a laptop messenger bag for women, which features a sleek and versatile bag that can carry a 15.6-inch laptop. 

Bags are essential, and when it comes to taking one to work, everyone wants a cool combination of style and functionality. There are dozens of choices of handbags that you can choose for complementing your various office outfits. We recommend keeping the ball spinning and not opting for the same style every time. Spice things up with different styles like the ones we’ve mentioned, and you’ll find dressing up and going to work much more enjoyable.