7 Hidden Secrets To Find An Inexpensive Wedding Ring

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A wedding ring is not just any other ring. It is a symbol of your love, a promise of togetherness and a bond that you will cherish forever!

It is surely a memorable gift, but why dream about the ring when you cannot afford it?

Purchasing a stunning wedding ring is quite the challenge, especially when you’ve pulled out all the stops to buy the perfect engagement band. It also depends upon the amount of money you can spend.

Do not get rattled, however, that you won’t find an affordable yet detailed wedding band. Gold wedding rings for women are available in various designs and styles. They’re surely inexpensive but do not dictate the ring’s quality and beauty.

So how can you purchase a ring that is beautiful yet within your budget? Here we have revealed a few hidden secrets about the same. Keep reading the article to get to know what they are.

Set a budget for yourself

Before you rush to the jewelry shop to purchase a ring, set a budget for yourself. There isn’t any hard and fast rule for a wedding band’s budget. But it is better to know your purchasing power and spend it accordingly!

Go for a thinner width

When a ring is elaborate and has intricate details, its price tends to be higher. If you are on a budget, make sure you consider its design.

A wedding band with a thinner width, on the other hand, is inexpensive as compared to the heavier ones. So go for minimalistic designs such as brushed gold detail and keep the ring’s width on the skinny side.

Presently, stackable rings are all the rage! And you can go for a detailed wedding band later in the future too.

A simple wedding ring is a perfect option, especially when the engagement band has intricate details.

Consider choosing an inexpensive metal

When the price is a major concern, make sure you are choosing the metal smartly. 

Platinum rings, of course, look stunning but come with a hefty price tag! If you are looking for a metal that is affordable yet gives a cool-toned look, then go for tungsten, titanium, palladium, or even gold wedding rings for women.

Keep in mind, the more metals you add to it, the higher the ring’s price. The most inexpensive wedding bands also come with a reduced gold purity. Keep your expenses as low as possible and use 14 carat gold rather than 18 karats.

Select budget-friendly details for the ring

Hunting for an affordable ring does not mean you have to compromise on its beauty. There are numerous ways that you can use to take the ring’s beauty up a notch… that too without exceeding your budget!

Yes, adding a diamond to a wedding ring is still all the rage! But it is not the right choice when designing an inexpensive wedding ring.

Instead of thinking inside the box, why not get out of it and focus on the ring’s metalwork?

Detailed scrollwork or engravings, unique textures, and mixed metals can make the ring pop at a lesser price and turn heads! 

If you want to give the wedding band a personal touch, you can either add a personal message or engrave your fingerprint on it.

Make the ring pop using sparkling gemstones

You do not always have to add diamonds to the ring to up its beauty. There are various other ways to add brilliance and bling to the ring without emptying your pockets!

One such affordable wedding band idea is to opt for sparkling gemstones. With tiny gemstones, you can add visual interest and pop of color to the band. These stones also do not break your budget.

When it comes to inexpensive gemstones, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are the best options to go for. Other precious gemstones could be a little out of the budget.

You can also go for other gems like citrine, garnet, topaz, and amethyst as they could be a beautiful addition to the ring. With so many gemstones available, you will be truly amazed to see the variety of options.

Beautify the wedding ring with moissanite gems

If your partner loves the diamond look, then beautify the ring by adding moissanite gems to its designs. These are the best when looking for rings within your budget.

Remember, a diamond replica or cubic zirconia is different from moissanite gems.

You can also go for sapphires as a white diamond alternative if you do not want something that’s man-made.

Shop for affordable wedding bands online

Yes, you read that right! It is always better to shop online rather than purchasing something from a physical store. The same goes for wedding rings too – they tend to be less expensive when purchased online.

By shopping online, you are saving them time and money required to go all the way to the shop and search for rings. You are also encountering an array of options to choose from, that too at a discounted rate.

You can easily browse through the available wedding rings and rest assured that it is just a click away!


Now that you have discovered the secrets of finding an affordable wedding ring, search for the one that your partner would love and purchase it right away!