6 Things That Make Fountain Pens Worth The Price Tag

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People have been using fountain pens for about 150 years and they are not about to stop. Pilot Namiki pens are wonderful fountain pens to invest in. These beautiful innovative pens surpass quality and originality. These fountain pens transmit mysticism, ancient beauty, and tranquillity. When thinking about whether or not to buy a fountain pen, there are great reasons that make investing in fountain pens worth the price tag. 

Image credit: penboutique.com

Amazing Things That Make A Fountain Pen A Investment 

Comfortable Use

Fountain pens use liquid ink. This flows smoothly and using it to write doesn’t need pressure. You can use it for long sessions including journaling without cramping or hand fatigue. The pen writes through a simple touch on the paper. 

There is no need to press the pen down on the paper to make it write since it writes just by the paper weight itself. Writing with regular pens has a risk of knuckle-whitening for vigorously printing a few lines. A quality fountain pen eliminates over-gripping making cursive easier. You just rest your hand on a fountain pen without clenching. 

Various Options For Nib Sizes

Just like the availability of rollerball pens in various tip sizes, fountain pens come with varying nib sizes. This allows selecting one to match your style. A fountain pen with a finer nib size writes small for bullet journaling. Most brands offer extra-fine as the smallest nib size. Other nib sizes include fine, medium, and broad. 

There is a nib for every writing need including italic, stub, or calligraphy. These are ideal for people looking forward to fancy looking writings and correspondences. The direction of writing determines the line width to eliminate the need to learn special writing techniques. Ensure to visit a store with a wide collection of pilot pens online  to select one matching your writing needs and style. 

Endless Ink Colors

The best thing about writing with a fountain pen is the availability of hundreds of ink colors. Writing with various colors brightens up a journal. Having to select from 600 different ink colors allows fine-tuning your writing to prevent it from looking boring. With this, you get to select ink to use in your fountain pen to match your mood, theme, and function of the writing. Some of the color options for fountain pen inks include:

  • Black
  • Turquoise
  • Majestic Blue

Apart from getting ink in various colors to match your needs, it is available with various properties including shimmering, glow-in-the-dark, and waterproof. This allows creating writings with more value and aesthetic appeal to match various functions. The ink is available in bottles and cartridges to allow selecting the most convenient option for everyone. 

Cost-Efficient Use 

The price of a fountain pen is significantly higher than that of a regular pen. However, you’ll be enjoying significant savings in the long run. A bottle of ink is likely to last about a year of more for continuous use. This makes using a fountain pen more economical compared to rollerball, ballpoint, and felt pens. With a little maintenance including flushing or cleaning after a few weeks, a fountain pen will keep working flawlessly. 

On getting used, this simple procedure is the price to enjoy significant savings. You can choose to use bottles of ink or ink cartridges with a fountain pen. When used up, you just pop out the cartridge and replace it with others to make life simpler. Cartridges are handy for use in a fountain pen as long as you clean the pen after switching the ink colors. 

Access To Amazing Community Support

When using a fountain pen, you’ll love the access to amazing support from other users online from sources like The Fountain Pen Network. Most people who use fountain pens appreciate quality and finer things. Passion for these innovative masterpieces binds people from various backgrounds together. This allows access to useful insights on making the most out of your fountain pen. 

Exceptional Value

Reputable brands like Pilot Namaki make fine fountain pens with exceptional value. The best thing is the availability of a fountain pen to suit everyone’s budget. This means you don’t have to rob a bank to get a fountain pen that writes to match your needs. There is a fountain pen with the right nib and the right pressure to create lines flawlessly. 

Additionally, fountain pens make amazing collectibles. Their amazing durability and repairability mean a fountain pen never goes old. A well-chosen fountain pen is leak-resistant for flawless performance for years to come. You can keep one as an heirloom for a family tradition that transcends generations. 


There is a lot to love about using a fountain pen. The beauty of these pens is the availability of exceptional brands like Pilot Namiki from reputable online stores. These come in various options and nib sizes to match your writing style and needs.