6 Hobbies to Try When Visiting the PNW

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The Pacific Northwest boasts some of the most stunning beaches, mountain views, and incredible restaurants in the world. This frequently overcast destination has much to offer travelers of all kinds, from outdoor adventures to arts and culture.

To really get in with the locals while visiting the PNW, dive in to some of the common hobbies and activities to take full advantage of all the area has to offer.

Wellness Culture

Most residents of the PNW strive to keep their personal health at its best, so organic restaurants, apothecaries and wellness studios are not hard to find. Most cities in this region are famous for their delicious meatless entrees, and you’ll likely find something on just about every menu.

Stop by a yoga studio for a calming and restorative yoga class, or stock up on wellness products like aromatic incense or local CBD oil. PNW residents invest heavily in their personal wellness, so the wellness scene will likely exceed your expectations.

Water Sports

With proximity to both the ocean and incredible lakes, activities on the water are very popular with the locals. You won’t have to travel far to experience exciting kayak trips, fishing and sailing adventures. Most bodies of water are also easily accessible, and some even have buses or other public transportation options.

When at the water, look for rental shops to get a feel for what sorts of activities are common in the area. Check the weather before heading out so you’re not caught floating on one of the PNW’s many lakes on a day with heavy rainfall.


Hikes for every level of fitness abound in the PNW. Almost every resident of the area has a good pair of hiking shoes — and for good reason. There are thousands of hikes, each with something unique to offer.

It’s not widely known that the PNW has some gorgeous rainforests. While they aren’t the tropical rainforests found down south, forests are filled with green trees, interesting mycological discoveries and lush greenery everywhere you look.


Biking is a way of life for PNWers. In larger cities, some residents don’t even own a car, which is a completely justifiable fact when you consider the bike-friendly streets and paths in the cities. Find a bike rental shop, or bikeshare service, and take a ride to see the sights from a different perspective.

Mountain biking is also widely popular, and there is no shortage of biking trails in natural areas. Long bike trails wind in and out of PNW mountains, sometimes along tree-lined paths and other times up to see stunning views of snow-capped mountains.


Because the area’s weather features heavier precipitation, many PNW residents know how to best spend their time indoors. Knitting, beading, painting, sewing and other craft activities are incredibly popular. Craft stores are not difficult to find, and some of them are stocked with unique supplies you won’t find in other shops.

If sitting inside and getting creative at your rental or hotel doesn’t sound like a good time, head to one of the area’s crafty locations. Pottery painting, candle making and soap crafting shops are a few of the PNW’s most creative locations.


If you have the cargo space, pack along your camping gear to enjoy some of the region’s famous state and national parks. Most destinations are within two hours of major cities, so roughing it for a few nights on your vacation isn’t a tall order. The PNW is famous for its gorgeous forests, so renting a cabin and sitting by the fire amongst impressive scenery is a great way to enjoy the scenery.

Campers of all skill levels can enjoy the great outdoors. Because camping is such a popular activity, many camping sites have adventures like ziplining, ropes courses and event spaces that often have live music or small festivals.

The Pacific Northwest region is incredibly diverse and has something to share with everyone. Whether you dive into the local food scene or take a trip into more rustic environments, your time in the PNW will be something to remember for years to come.